What is the mark of the Beast?

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This is a theme that many people like to create great imaginations. These imaginations generate crazy things, in which people end up waiting, with the risk of waiting for Jesus too far.
But the mark of the beast biblically speaking, is a very simple thing. We must first understand what the Beast is. If we read in Daniel 7:23 it says that the fourth animal will be a fourth kingdom on earth. In fact, the kingdoms of the earth are represented by beasts. In this case, they are strange animals from the natural, so they are called beasts.
In Daniel 7:17 it says that the four animals are 4 kings of the earth, which confirms that the meaning of beast is kingdom, or political power. If we look at the statue, we can see the beasts that correspond to the statue. In this way the last beast is attached to the iron of the statue's feet.
Knowing that beasts are kingdoms, then how to understand what the mark of the beast would be.
Jesus said in John 15:19 that if they, namely Jesus and his people, were of the world, the world would love them, but as they are not of the world the world hates them.
And this message from Jesus goes according to the message in the book of James 4: 4 that says that to be a friend of the world is to enmity with God. So that anyone who wants to be a friend of the world becomes an enemy of God.
We have that all the beasts, configure the world, and configure the statue.
What still makes sense when we go to Revelation 18: 4, we have what God says to leave Babylon, not to participate in your sins. This is where we see the mark of the beast.
The mark of the beast is neither complicated nor extraordinary. The mark of the beast is something simple, common, and that people ignore. The mark of the beast is to follow and enjoy the customs of the world, and to be friends with the world. Jesus made it clear that the world hates those who belong to the people of God, and in James says that he who becomes a friend of the world is an enemy of God. In fact in Luke 16:13, we have that, no one can serve two masters, which shows us two different ways, or the person is a friend of the world, and that is the mark of the beast, because the beast is the political power of the world. Or the person is a friend of God, and so the world hates him.
Usually the great Biblical events occur in a normal way, and not with convulsion of nature, in miraculous signs. It is simple, to have the mark of God and not of the beast. In the book of First John 3:10, we have to be children of God, we have to practice Justice and Love your brother. And the opposite is the son of evil, and so we have the mark of the beast.


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