The fifth cup and economic changes

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272 trillion dollars, make up the world debt, an extremely high value. And debt creates problems, because the borrower wants to receive it. And if you don’t receive it creates other debt problems. The world in this pandemic has accentuated the effects of increasing debt. But that is not the only problem. The trading systems are changing extremely quickly.
And what are these changes? Layoffs, and production automation. So there are fewer people working in the industry. Trade closing, and increase of commercial systems by computer, with reduction of the number of companies, and thus increase of unemployment in the commerce system.
And all these unemployed? How will they survive?
This forces governments to generate income for these groups, with increasing public debt. But the world system is already in debt. The consequence is damage to the countries' economies. In addition, we have natural disasters, and devastation of nature.
The new generation is strongly connected to social networks, but such networks do not directly involve a productive system, being, in the end, an advertising system. In this way, the productive system of rotation, which makes capitalism work, collapses.
In this way, it will cause governments to rethink the way in which the economic system, its forms of trade, and the distribution of income. But would that be possible with a worldwide debt of 272 trillion dollars?
In the fifth cup of the apocalypse we have that the kingdoms are transformed into darkness. In world history, there is no more complicated period for the world than this generalized debt system, added to environmental problems, and diseases that generate social insecurity.
For the servants of God, it is necessary to seek a simple life, in a place where you can have plants to feed yourself. For big cities work with the gears of capitalism. And if it doesn't spin, the food stops coming. But God still left small towns that produce their own food. And in this difficult period, we must seek food.
The coming days do not seem to be promising, until finally Jesus returns.


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