Chaos in the world, and the prophecy of Daniel and Revelation

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The world is in chaos and that chaos has been determined. The world is coming in the last days, where it says, in Luke 17:26 and says that the day of the son of man would be like in the time of Noah. When the heart has always become evil.
When we look at the feet of the statue we understand this effect, in which the world is mixed and life is without love. In fact, the concept is that love would grow cold.
There is global economic chaos, and diseases at work in countries, this creates more and more chaos among people, and the social organization begins to destroy itself. The important thing in these difficult times, is what God says, in Isaiah 26:20, to hide in the rooms, and wait until the evil is over. In this extreme period, staying hidden, or running away from groups is the best way.
In fact, the legs of the statue are a representation of the great beast, and this animal is a destroyer. So when evil appears, it is best to wait.
Difficulties and suffering are linked to the last days, and this is happening. It is a difficult time, with great suffering. But the servant of God must wait, hoping for the best that God can do for him.


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