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World research organizations determine that due to what has been managed in the world, we will have an increase in hunger in the world. The planet has developed a political system, which aims to exploit countries that are less aware of aid to their population. Thus, for example, countries with money, make the trade balance favor, to explore countries with unfavorable trade balance. Generating in these countries, hunger and suffering.
Thus, it has occurred in Brazil that rice, soy oil, and even soy, and other staple foods, have greatly increased in price. This was due to the fact that the currency of exchange was highly valued in Brazil. What makes other countries to import these foods, cheaper, and thus lacking for the population of Brazil. This is due to poor management in that country.
This rule tends to occur more and more, in many countries, and thus it generates more and more hunger in the world. Thus, each country looking at itself, and not caring for the others, causes poor countries to have a population in extreme poverty and hunger. While the food of these populations, it is exported to rich countries.
This is the rule of interaction between countries. In the end, those who suffer are the poorest. The United Nations has already detected this sad phenomenon, accentuating it in the future. Thus, society's learning system is one of increasing inhumanity. Countries against countries, making entire populations suffer, and countries taking lands from other countries, placing other peoples as subclasses. And there is no improvement in this mapping. In 50 years ago, there was hope for improvement among countries, but after those 50 years, both the belief in nature conservation and the eradication of hunger have been lost. The opposite is seen, the accentuation of the destruction of nature, and the widespread expansion of hunger.


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