The future, as seen by the intelligence of the United States

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Intelligence institutions in the United States routinely make technical predictions about the future of the planet.
And the predictions are not good. Studies define fragmentation, in communities and states. People start to group together in small communities connected by the computer network.
With a difference of ideas, most do not group themselves under any leadership. Strengthening small groups, with specific ideas.
Imbalance in institutions and groups. Disputes between communities and groups, and major geopolitical problems.
As a result, major adaptation problems will occur, groups, companies and countries will have great divergences. Large populations will need large projects to increase production.
Thus, we will have migration problems, and a large population will generate problems.
Great social pessimism, increasing social volatility.
They mention that there will be a revival of democracy, and the annulment of control societies as occurs in China.
Climate change generating instability between communities and countries.
Economic problems, due to debtor countries, and the need to regulate large digital commerce companies.
In technology, there will be tension to control technological supremacy, and rupture of several concepts.
The states will have political volatility, with larger empowered populations, the policy loses its organization.
China will have great international prominence, creating risks of conflicts between world political groups.
The study continues to define several aspects for the future. But what we have is a more catastrophic definition of the future, with major social problems, and movements by isolated groups.
It is not possible to see in the short term, a period of peace and prosperity.
In fact, this is a study on predictions of the future, by the best intelligence centers in the United States.
For those who believe in the return of Christ, there is a great ideology to be very close.


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