Does the statue from the book of Daniel still exist? Modernity

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If we read Daniel 2:44 we see that the kingdom that will never be destroyed, will break down and consume all kingdoms and this will last forever. So between the kingdoms that existed, and the one that will not be destroyed, we have all the others that are destroyed, and that now leave no trace.
When we look at the current map, we get an idea of ​​countries like the feet of the statue, made up of groups like iron, and groups like clay. And in fact, this world kingdom is full of Kings, and its control is done through an alliance between kingdoms.
We currently have the American bloc, the eastern bloc, called Asian Tigers, the European group, and several others in formation. And the largest group today is the UN, or organization of the united nations.
In fact, if we really have a coalition for the formation and attempt to control the world, such a position would be closely linked to the organization of the United Nations.
In Daniel 2:42, we have a definition that kingdoms will be strong and others will be weak, and really what we have today, that is the map. No kingdom dominates the world, or dominates powerful groups.
Each Kingdom is established in its region, and is not allowed to conquer other kingdoms, with the risk that the most powerful kingdoms will go to war with the kingdom they conquer.
So we are at the feet of the statue, made up of pieces, and the pieces do not let any piece conquer another piece. And so if we read in Daniel 2:43 we have that these kingdoms do not mix. They try in different ways but fail.
And that is the news. World policies do not allow countries to unite as if they were a country.
Currently we had that England did not want to participate in the European group anymore. And so it shows that countries try to form groups, but they separate. And even united, each country, that is, each piece of the foot of the statue, remains separate, and with its political control.
The actuality fits perfectly at the feet of the statue. And this current kingdom, not only has traces, but it is the mode of world control.
World decisions are made with the alliance of several governments, usually at meetings at the United Nations.
Which makes it clear that there is no eternal government, controlling the planet, or that it has destroyed and consumed all these kingdoms, becoming an eternal kingdom, as mentioned in Daniel 2:44.
In fact, that eternal kingdom has not yet appeared, and in fact we can define that it will be the next kingdom, since the feet of the statue are the present.
Therefore, the news itself, of wars, suffering, plagues, destruction, cataclysms, and several others of its kind, demonstrate that the eternal kingdom has not yet destroyed the statue.
And at this point, we must strive to ensure that our way of life is similar to the way of life in the eternal kingdom.
In Philippians 3:20 it defines that those that look for the eternal kingdom, define that the homeland is not the feet of the statue, but a celestial kingdom, and celestial kingdom defines a kingdom that comes from Heaven, like the stone, and yet it defines that awaits the coming of Christ Jesus.
Matthew 21:44 defines an allusion to stone that falls and turns to dust and destroys. Thus the kingdom that will never be destroyed is linked to the return of Christ.
What causes the whole biblical organization to come to an agreement, both in the Old Testament and in the New Testament. Changing these knowledge groups, they end up having to cancel several verses, or try to transform several verses into fantasies.
In fact the statue contained in the book of Daniel still exists, but the idea is that it is on the verge of being destroyed, and turning to dust, and leaving no more traces.


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