Does the statue from the book of Daniel still exist? Persia

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The statue contained in the book of Daniel, defines countries that would exist. We can read this in Daniel 2:39 defines that after Babylon another kingdom would appear, and what kingdom would that be?
We can read in Daniel 5:28 that the kingdom was given to the Medes and the Persians. Then we have that the kingdom that would follow after Babylon would be the Medes and Persians. But we can still read in Daniel 2:35 that when the stone falls, it will destroy the statue and there will be no traces left. That way there could be no traces of the kingdom of Persia. But was that a fact?
A brief reconstruction of the biblical texts and we could create the different kingdoms, before the destruction of the statue so that there are no more traces of it.
Here we can see a representation of the time of King Cyrus the Persian. And their representations with wings, due to the culture in relation to winged entities. Many consider the creation of angels with wings coming from this type of culture. But biblically speaking we have many reports before the Persians, of entities with wings.
But again the question arises. Are there no traces of the Persians? Or can we consider that the Stone has not yet destroyed the statue?
In this image we can see a fresco made in the ancient Persian period, in Mid of the Kingdom of Cyrus, in which soldiers are fighting. See the importance that the Persians attach to the bow and arrow as a symbol of war material. And so we can observe the foundation of the Persian war system. And so again we have the question. Are there no traces of Persian culture? We cannot therefore conclude that the stone has not yet destroyed the statue.
In this image we can see the Medes and Persians soldiers, at the top of the fresco, we see the divine concepts of the Medes and Persians alliance. Observe its ideology for concepts of Wings, and the similarity with the Egyptian designs, linked to wings. Which can define that both Persians, Babylonians and Egyptians, have a concept of angelic system in common, and previous to all these peoples. Which would define that the concept of angels is much older than these peoples. But seeing this fresco of Medes and Persians, can we say that there are no traces of Medes and Persians? Or again do we have to accept that the stone has not yet destroyed the statue?
And in this image we can see the cuneiform script, and in that script we have defined that Cyrus is the king of Babylon. Which clearly shows that the head that was Babylon now passes to the Persians, and now it is no longer the head but the Silver Breastplate. And with clear proof that the Persians dominated Babylon. And again the question. Is there no trace of the Kingdom of Persia? Or again we have that the Stone has not yet destroyed the statue?
In this way we can clearly observe all the points of the statue, and observe that we are waiting for the great kingdom that will make sure that all the other kingdoms do not leave any trace.


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