Can we believe Daniel's prophecies?

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Many Jewish groups do not accept the book of Daniel, reserving only the Pentateuch as a source of information from God.
But was the book of Daniel an uninspired book?
To give credit to a book, we usually have to trust someone who would validate a book's prophecy.
For those who are Christians, the word that would be most credited is the word of Jesus Christ.
In Matthew 24:15 Jesus refers to the prophecies in the book of Daniel, defining the prophetic future contained in every verse in Matthew 24.
So in addition to the fact that Daniel is a prophetic book, we also have that Jesus quotes the book of Daniel, defining that he refers to prophecies after Jesus on this earth.
And in Matthew 24 we have to quote end time prophecies. Defining that Daniel is linked to prophecies for the end of the world.
Jesus was quoting Jerusalem under siege in 70 after Christ. As we read in Luke 21:20. And the reference to this text can be seen in Daniel 9:27, in which he quotes the life of Christ in covenant with the people, and then the coming of the despoiler. Which would represent the destruction of Jerusalem. And it was necessary for the people to see the signs and leave the city before it was besieged.
What we have clearly is that Daniel is a book validated by Christ, and that it also speaks of prophecies after Christ's life on earth.
Daniel is a book with a strand written in Aramaic, which clearly links the story that Daniel was in the Assyrian region, thus proving the veracity of the book.
We can see the oldest documents in the book of Daniel, in the Dead Sea manuscripts dated 125 before the birth of Christ. In other words, these documents are copies, determining that there are previous documents. Demonstrating that the book of Daniel is indeed very old.
In this way, we can have several characteristics of truthfulness in the book of Daniel.
In fact for the Christian having Jesus, as the one who quotes Daniel's prophecies, it is enough to give credit to the book of Daniel.
Knowing this, we have the other very important part, as it is written in Matthew 24:15, is to study the book of Daniel, because Jesus says it is to understand. Saying who reads understand. In fact, the quotation by Jesus from the book of Daniel, is already for Christians, the foundation for us to study this book.


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