On the toes or soles of the statue

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Many people like to generate an emotional concept of seeing theological information in the Bible, and thus changing its meanings, in validation of sentimental imaginations.
One of these characteristics is to say that we are on the toes of the statue described in the book of Daniel.
We must observe the representation of the statue, and see for example that the head begins with the Reign of Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon, this occurs in 605 BC. And the head of the Statue goes up to 539 BC, when Darius the Persian dominates Babylon, so the head would be 66 years old.
After the head we have the trunk, or the breastplate, which starts in 539, and goes until, 331 BC, with the victory of Alexander of Macedonia, and starts the Macedonian empire. Thus the breastplate would be 208 years old.
Rome conquered Macedonia in 168 BC, so the hip would have lasted 163 years. In this way, the legs of the entire Roman empire begin.
In 1798 the Pope of the Roman Apostolic Church, is arrested and dies, ending the political power of the Roman Church over countries. In this way the legs that were linked to Rome end, with a reign of 1960 years.
And so the feet of the Statue, composed of several countries, weak and strong, started independently.
When looking at the statue, we see that the direction is from top to bottom, it is not from left to right, nor from front to back.
In this way the end of the statue is towards the base of the statue's feet, and not towards the toes.
In fact, the careful and analytical analysis of the times, would never accept that we are on the toes, but on the base of the feet.
It is very doctrinally dangerous to use sentimental ideologies to describe theological concepts. The fact is that we are very close to the end of world reigns, for a reign that will never end.


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