The prophetic future and epidemics

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In Luke 21:11 it says that there would be epidemics, famine in different places, amazing things and great signs in the sky.
But in the sequence in Luke 21:12, it says that the persecutions of the apostles would take place before what was said in verse 11. So what is in verse 11, is more for the future.
But is that what was said in Luke 21:11 is for the end of time?
In Matthew 24:29, he mentions cataclysms, tribulations, and great difficulties. And he also mentions that the powers of heaven would be shaken.
If we read revelations 6:12 we have, earthquakes, black sun, falling stars. Which goes back to the previous moments, to what Matthew 24:30 mentions the return of Christ in the clouds.
So reading Luke 21:11, we have that epidemics are linked to Christ's return.
Reading Luke 21:11 again, we can see that epidemics are also linked to great signs in the sky, and amazing things. That we see in Luke, as well as in Matthew, and in the book of Revelations.
So if we look at the seven bowls, we can see the presence of disease in them. So we can clearly see in the texts that global diseases are directly linked to the period of Christ's return.
It is therefore necessary to be very careful, as people may think that Jesus will not come at any time. And such people will be in the second verse of Peter 3:10, for for them the day of the Lord will come as a thief, as in a crash. Thus, great care and observation is necessary, as the world is in a great world cataclysm.



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