Are the latest pests occurring?

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In Revelations of Revelation 15: 1 we have the quote of the seven angels who have the last seven plagues. And when would we know that these last plagues were being launched on the land?
For example, let's think only of apocalyptic plagues. The current moment with the plague and the number of deaths, and the characteristic that this plague will have no end.
Is not what we are going through one of the plagues of the seven angels?
Let's suppose that there would be worse pests. Would it then be possible for there to be life on earth, after plagues worse than these today?
If we think logically, we have to have people alive at the coming of Christ. If everyone had been killed, the prophecy that Jesus would come to seek the living would not have occurred.
So we have that if there are worse plagues than there are today, life on earth would be compromised.
So the logic is that we are in the last seven plagues of the apocalypse.
Global warming, is quoted in Revelations of Revelation 16: 9, should we close our eyes, and say that there is no global warming, and say that this Biblical quote is not about that fact?
In Revelations 16:11 he mentions wounds, which would be diseases. Let us suppose that there are worse diseases that occur today. The idea is that the world would have so many deaths that there would be no more human beings.
So either we are in the last seven plagues, or the world would stop having human beings, for worse plagues, or we could say that the last seven plagues would be weaker than the current plagues. What would be an irrational concept.
In this way, we can only use logic and consider that we are experiencing, a union of apocalyptic plagues, for the return of Jesus. And so we have to Jesus is about to return.
Is it possible for some things to get worse? Yes, it is possible. But it would not be possible, to get much worse, with the risk of human life ceasing to exist.
It is necessary that the problems are so that people are as Matthew 24:37 quotes. In which the coming of Christ would be similar to the period before the flood.
And we are rationally in that period.


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