Christ's return and world governments

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What would the world governments be like when Christ was coming?
We are talking about the feet of the statue, that is, rigid with iron, and malleable like clay. This is the world system of politics.
Observing this type of image, we can clearly see that the politics of the globe, can be neither extreme right nor extreme left.
The world government would therefore be center-left. Defining politics as the center, right or left, is usually meaningless.
What we have is a world government with liberalization of actions to reduce the moralizing concept, without reducing social control.
In this way, a policy is defined on the left to reduce the moralizing concept, and the center for not reducing social control. So people must obey governments, but they don't need to have concepts of repression of pleasures.
With each passing day, more and more countries are joining the center left system.
Some countries have for some time turned to the extreme right, but the system has generated worldwide unpopularity, and now it is favoring the center left.
This type of system favors the system of apostasy, generating people who leave religions, and live a secular system, that is, they do not consider that a religion is necessary to live.
In fact, youth today consider that religion is on the same level as fiction stories. Separating direct facts, like real ones, and ideological concepts, like variable imaginations.
So in the last days that it is now, religion will be more in more, in decay and apostasy.



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