Being a Christian in the last days

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Being a Christian in the last days is not an easy thing. For the real god of the world is Mammon. If we read Luke 16:13, we can see the question between serving God, and serving Mammon, or the rich ones.
At this point we have two positions. Inside the heart, which is the most important, God, or money?
Mamon, represents money, but on the back he manages the formation of the god of wealth and prosperity. So between choosing to do God's will, and getting a large sum of money, that becomes the concept of serving two masters.
Man's trust is either in God or in the money he has. If trust is in money, then money has become your god. For he considers that all the things he has, it is because of the money he has, and not because of God.
In these last days, it will be more declared where each person's trust is. Having money is not a sin, but trusting it as the giver of things you have, that's the mistake.
Usually children grow up with the increasing importance of money, and this has been educating them for years. Inside, money starts to be the most important thing to look for, and to have the things you want.
God does not become important, because the ideology is that you get things with money and not with God.
This ideology applied for years and years, makes the person have Mamon, as a god. And so the important thing becomes money, and not believing in God.
As a result, apostasy increases, and God becomes a mere belief in old and ignorant people.
In this way the number of Christians is reduced, and faith in God is reduced.
Christians will have a world without faith in God, and anyone who has faith in God is considered ignorant. As it says in Matthew 24:37, in which the coming of Christ is compared to the period close to the flood. In what people considered, Noah was ignorant and crazy.


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