The god called Slimming

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Have you seen people who seem to hear nothing but what they want to hear?
 For there are people who have the god's sect slimming. And they suffer from this evil.
 If you say that such a person slims in 2 days, it's time, no matter the consequences.
 It's the typical pact with the devil. In which you lose weight and sell your soul.
 It is logical that what happens is that normally the person makes crazy diets and loses years of life, reducing their longevity.
 The so-called immediatist concept. I'd rather stay thin now, than live another 10 years after 60.
 The problem is that the person will live the ten years after 60, only with an increase of health problems.
 You know that idea that the person wants to live torro health when new because it considers to be annoying the phase after 50.
 Then the person thinks that roasting health will die without going through suffering.
 Ahhhaaaa, great mistake, who will not go through suffering is who took care of health, in life, those who did not care will end up suffering with the various itis of life.
 But there is always that idea that I had a grandfather or an uncle, or a relative of my grandfather's aunt who did everything wrong and died at the age of 500.
 Typical idea that in a war taking away the dead and wounded, all have been saved and are well, then going to war is a great thing.
 For this is the kind of mentality of the one who has the god slimming.
 Knowing health is much more important than weight loss because it is better to run the rich from suffering with a meteor fall into the house than a shot at a war field.


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