Ecclesiastes 06 - What is all the effort of man?

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I saw yet another evil under the sun, which weighs heavily on humanity:
God gives man riches, goods and honor, so that he lacks nothing that his eyes desire; but God does not allow him to enjoy such things, and another enjoys them instead. It makes no sense; it is a terrible evil.
A man can have a hundred children and live many years. However, if he does not enjoy the good things in life, I say that a child who is born dead and does not even receive a dignified burial is better off than he is.
She is born in vain, and leaves in darkness, and in the dark her name is hidden.
Although she has never seen the sun or known anything, she has more rest than such a man.
For what would it be worth for her to live two thousand years, and not be able to enjoy his prosperity? After all, don't they all go to the same place?
Every man's effort is made for his mouth, however, his appetite is never satisfied.
What advantage does the wise man have over the fool? What advantage does the poor have in knowing how to behave in front of others?
It is better to be content with what the eyes see than to wander from greed. This also does not make sense, it is vanity, it is chasing the wind.
Everything that exists has already been given a name, and it is already known what man is; you can't fight someone stronger.
The more words, the more nonsense, and to no avail.
For who knows what is good for man, for all the days of his life of vanity
in which it passes like a shadow? Who will be able to tell him what will happen under the sun after he leaves?


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