Ecclesiastes 10 - The Difference of the Wise Man and the Fooll

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Just as some dead flies can spoil an entire bottle of perfume, so a little nonsense can do for the famous in wisdom and honor to lose all value.
The heart of the wise is inclined towards good, but the heart of the foolish towards evil.
Even when he walks along the path, the fool acts without the least common sense and shows everyone that he is just a fool.
If the wrath of an authority arises against you, do not abandon your post; tranquility avoids big mistakes.
There is another evil that I saw under the sun, a mistake made by those who govern:
Fools are placed in high positions, while the rich are in lower positions.
I have seen servants walking on horseback, and princes walking on foot, as servants.
Whoever digs a well will fall into it; whoever breaks down a wall will be bitten by a snake.
Whoever pulls out stones will be hurt by them; anyone who splits firewood takes a risk.
If the ax is blind and its blade has not been sharpened, it is necessary to strike harder; acting wisely ensures success.
If the snake bites before it is enchanted, what good is the enchanter?
The words of the wise bring him benefits, but the lips of the fool destroy him.
At first his words are mere nonsense, but in the end they are perverse madness.
Although the fool speaks non-stop, no one knows what is to come; who will be able to tell others what will happen to them next?
The fool's work leaves him so exhausted that he can't even find his way home.
Poor land whose king is too young and whose leaders have banquets early in the morning.
Happy is the land whose king is of noble origin, and whose leaders eat in due time, to regain their strength, and not to get drunk.
Because of laziness, the roof bends; because of the indolent hands, the house has leaks.
The banquet is made for fun, and wine makes life joyful, but it all pays for itself with money.
Do not insult the king in thought! Don't even curse the rich man in his room!
Because a bird in the sky will be able to take his words, and winged beings will be able to divulge what you say.


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