Fight between religions and the end

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Many churches do not understand each other, as they generate characteristic doctrines. In fact, the correct thing was that all the churches of God, had the same doctrine.
In second Peter 1:20, he says that the prophecies are not of particular interpretation, which defines that the interpretation must be the same for everyone. But that is not the case.
There are drastic differences between churches, and each one defines that his / her way of seeing is the correct one.
But the correct thing is only one way. But secondly, Timothy 4: 3 defines which groups seek teachers according to their wishes. And that generates several doctrines. This is because they do not support sound doctrine.
So we must know that there is only one correct doctrine. In fact, the Church of God is one.
But then which church is this?
There is a war between, saying that a church is made up of a group, or a church is a single person. And with that several people generate great problems and confusions.
In first Peter 2: 5 it defines that all are spiritual house, and thus all that are of God are priesthood of God. But then, communities are not churches?
First Corinthians 15: 9 defines that Paul persecuted the church of God. In that case the church is a group.
Thus the church can be represented by group, or by unit. But both the group and the unit have the same direction.
When a group that claims to be a church cannot align itself with a person that claims to be a church, then one of them is not a church.
Church, is defined as a group or person that follows the correct path.
In Revelations 14:12, he defines that the church of God, that is, the descendants of Jesus, are the ones who keep the commandments of God, and have faith in Jesus.
In Galatians 3:28, it clearly states that everyone should be one in Christ Jesus. And that is the church of God. God's church is unity in Christ. No doctrinal differences, one heart and one thought.
Ephesians 4: 5 says that there is one lord, one faith, one baptism. So what we have clearly is that the diversity of doctrines ends up forming Babylon. For the children of God have one faith. Be as groups, as a unit, you have to have only one faith.
So the great difficulty today is to define correctly who wants to unite in one faith, or who wants to isolate in their concepts.
The only way to have just one faith, is to do like the disciples when we read in Acts 2:44, which says that everything between them was common, that is, nothing was separate. So there is a big problem with the different religions, which is the fact that they have conflicting ideas. And each one defines what is important and what is not for their doctrine.
Thus the true servant of God, seeks to be taught by God, and seeks purity of heart to be taught by God.
Knowing that loving your brother is the foundation of the church's unity.


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