How to survive in the cataclysms of the last days

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With the current problems, be it pests, budget cuts, quarantine, lock down, and other mechanisms. Such mechanisms create economic problems.
So if a person has managed to survive, he has a big and difficult road ahead.
The countries' economies fell, companies went bankrupt, people lost their lives, several systems that worked, are now stopped, or very slow.
This is the real characteristic of the environment after this global catastrophe.
Economy is the necessary word to alleviate the problems. In fact, the best word is trust in God and faith. But we have a clear verse for those who have faith in God. Reading Luke 14:28, he mentions that it is necessary to calculate and analyze everything that is needed to act in a work.
So in the midst of a big problem, a careful and careful analysis is necessary.
Thus, the most important point to analyze is survival. In this case, water and food are the basic necessities. And economics in this sense is not to waste food or water. A very systematic verse about this is read in Isaiah 55: 2 in which, trying to eat what is good, one can eat delicious things. But for that, the person has to get used to eating what is good. And the good is the healthy, and the healthy is the most nutritious.
Thus, the use of all edible parts of the food, added to the purchase of cheaper foods, is the foundation of the economy in food.
So better to save and eat well, than spend and end up starving. For the reality we have is a recessive environment.
Save water, light, leave the superfluous, and stay on what is strictly necessary.
Planning, care, economy, and perseverance are necessary to survive these past few days.
It is necessary to think about all the possible mechanisms to survive, and to develop skills, such as fixing things that you previously paid to do.
Learning, striving, and resisting are tools to cope with problems that may arise.
The Christian must trust in God, but that does not define that he should not do his best. A very clear verse is James 4:17 which says that he who knows how to do good and does not commit sin. So in this moment of struggle, it is good to do your best to survive until Christ returns.


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