Christ's second coming and miracles

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People expect great miracles to happen before Christ's return. But was that really real?
If there were many miracles taking place, would the verse in Matthew 24:38 say that Jesus would come in the same way as in the days before the flood, in which people drank, married, ate, until Noah entered the Ark and they did not notice.
And if we still read in Matthew 24:39 we have that they did not realize it, until the flood came and took them all. And so it would be the coming of the son of man.
In other words, Jesus would come in a way that people don't realize. If there were many miracles, or incredible things happening, such people would watch.
See that before the flood, everything seemed normal. Nothing happened that was so supernatural that they were amazed. That is how it currently occurs.
Of course, we have warnings, like wars, and rumors of wars. We have plagues, earthquakes, gales, destruction, lack of love, and various social problems. But this is considered by people to be something normal, not something supernatural. And so it was at the time of the Flood. People suffered several consequences from their actions, until the flood came.
And the world today suffers several consequences from its actions, until Jesus returns.
We can read in Luke 12:40 that it says that Jesus will come at a time that is not imagined. So you should be on your guard. The proximity of Jesus' return.
Matthew 24:33 says that if you look at the signs, then you know that Jesus is at the door. In other words, this is close to his arrival.
Now we will understand the union of the texts that we read. The summary is that the signs show that Jesus is close. Many people expect great things before the return of Christ, and this can take them by surprise. In fact, the important thing is to turn from the evil way and follow the Lord's way. One has to be careful with fanciful things, and observe that biblical events are usually silent, until something happens, without further preparation.
We live in a very complicated time on earth, and this has all the characteristics of being a sign of the closeness of Christ Jesus. But the most important thing is to walk correctly, and especially to walk with Christ, living the love of Christ in our hearts.
If you think that Jesus can return at any moment, be sure. For all the signs have already occurred, what can happen is merely these signs widen, until Jesus returns.


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