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Beloved, how have we walked with God?
How have we been and acted before the face of men and the Lord?
Have we been witnesses or representatives of God here on Earth or have we been representatives of God's Enemy?
Have you considered this?
Did you know that God takes small sins into account?
Yes, He takes small sins into account, because even if they are small they have big consequences.
That's why God has six things that He hates and the seventh that He hates!
Do you know what are the 6 things God hates?
Do you know the seventh thing that God loathes?
Open your Bible to Proverbs chapter six and verse sixteen onwards:
Let us read very carefully:
Six things the Lord hates, and the seventh his soul loathes:
The first thing is haughty eyes!
But what does haughty eyes mean?
They are people who look at others with contempt and superiority!
Once ... There were two brothers, one was well off and lived in a big house, with a pool and a luxurious one and also had a luxurious car.
The other brother was poor, and in great need. He lived in a simple and badly finished house and still lived in favor and didn't have a car.
Many family members visited those who were well off, which took hours and hours to reach the rich family’s home,
a distance of almost a day of travel.
The poor brother, on the other hand, was rarely visited, disgusted by his house, and did not like to go, because the furniture was old, sometimes he didn't even have soap to wash the dishes.
But people saw it with contempt and disgust. Always humiliated and despised by people!
But they would prefer to visit those who had recourse and ignore the poor relative.
This look is a haughty look, to despise people for not having possession or goods, or for a position or a position or for not having a good house or for not dressing in good or fashionable clothes.
There was a situation in a company where an employee did not do his duty properly, sometimes he even slept on the job. But one day one of the employees who thought his job was better than the other, told the boss that that employee was not fulfilling his role. Of course, in any service we have to fulfill the function that has been given to us, however, we should not be accusing our brothers, letting the arrogant and arrogance take over our hearts and think that we are doing our job better than the other, rather, however, the role of the Christian is to alert the person who is wrong and not to accuse him so that he will lose his job and be in need. Do we think about it? Or do we let pride take over, holding our heart with accusations !? To let you know, this employee ended up being fired from the company! Now, I ask: has he or his family been in need? Wouldn't a simple warning change everything?
How have we looked at people? With this kind of haughtiness, with this pride or arrogance?
Finding us better than the other? Just for the things we are or what we have?
Once in the church a brother who was considered a poor man appeared in a new, modern car, a sister who was the wife of a bank manager said to the poor man's wife: do you even have a new car? My husband, who is a bank manager, doesn't have it!
A few days later the sister arrives with her family, in a new car to the church! How does God see this action?
When we see someone with a new outfit or new sneakers, we say: even so-and-so bought new clothes and new sneakers, and I don't!
We often look at people's condition with pride and don't even realize how proud, arrogant and proud my heart is!
We have often felt better than other people! The Bible itself says, of this generation, see:
There is a generation that is pure in its own eyes, but has never been washed from its filth.
There is a generation whose eyes are proud, and their eyelids are always raised.
There is a generation whose teeth are swords, and whose jaws are knives, to consume the afflicted and the needy among men from the earth.
For the sins of your mouth, for the words of your lips, be caught up in your pride. For the curses and lies they utter.
They close their heart without feeling, and with their mouth they speak arrogantly.
For it is this generation of ours that we are talking about!
Ah, dear ones, we still have to learn a lot from God, how to have a humble and simple character stripped of arrogance, arrogance and conceit! See how Jesus lived on this earth and what He said:
... Learn from me, because I am meek and humble in heart; and you will find rest for your souls.
Beloved, if for you to feel good in this life, for you to feel someone important in this life, if for your self-esteem to be high there is no need to humiliate, despise, accuse and even diminish your brother or your neighbor.
For you to be happy in this world, it is learning from Jesus humility, always being compassionate, and loving people as your equal, doing for others, the same as I would like them to do with you! So you will find rest for your soul and feel the peace of Jesus that surpasses all understanding!
If we have failed, let us now pray to the Lord, close your eyes and talk to our God who is merciful to forgive: Lord our God, how many times have we been superb, arrogant, presumptuous with the smallest brother. Many times we have found ourselves better than others, even though we know that we are similar or less capable than the other.
How many times have we looked at the poor with a look of contempt and have not helped him or looked at him with love.
How many times do we want to have something better than the other to feel better people.
Lord, now that my eyes have been opened, we ask: save us from pride, because the pride of man will strike him down, but the humble in spirit will obtain honor as Solomon said.
May we, Lord our God, be convinced and warned by your Spirit and delivered by your angels, from the pride that we will feel, and that this pride will be transformed into humility, so that we may be like Jesus: meek and humble. We ask, make us a new creature in Christ Jesus, Amen!
My beloved ones, this is today's lesson for us and our children, that we put into practice to leave.
Furthermore, this is the first thing that annoys God, in the next video we will talk about the second thing that annoys God. Follow us! If you liked it, leave your like and subscribe and share it with others, after all sharing God's message, you will already be loving it because God's word doesn't come back empty, it can be a way to save someone!
May God bless us and keep us and make His face shine on us and have mercy on each one of us and give us peace!


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