Meditation, connecting with God

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Meditation is a factor that we can communicate with God, God's answers are able to reach us more easily through meditation.
We can see some texts like that of Joshua 1: 8, which says that you meditate day and night, saying that you will make your path prosper and you will be successful.
So something very important is to meditate, because it says the text that is meditated day and night, that is, every moment.
And what would it be to meditate? To meditate is to think carefully and make several analyzes of different things, with great care and patience. Without patience and care, you cannot connect with God.
There is a law in the universe that nothing can become more complex, for something simpler. In this way, all creative creation of man escapes the law of entropy. For when man has an inventive creation, he has violated the law of nature. Thus, the only way to achieve something other than the law of nature, is to connect with something more complex than nature, in this case the connection with God.
God does not speak to man only if man seeks to speak of the Bible, or of religion. God connects with man in everything he seeks with all his heart. Matthew 7: 8 mentions that everything he seeks finds, but the search must be from the heart.
So Einstein, sought from the bottom of his heart the laws he sought, and found. Man's creative leaps can only exist, outside the laws of entropy, and thus outside the laws of nature. Which brings us to a logical point, God communicates with man directly in his brain.
In this way, when man seeks an answer, and searches with all his will, then God directs man to a creative leap, which is the act of guiding man to an answer, which would never be possible, using physical mechanisms. This is the creative leap.
The creative leap is nothing more than a message from God for the question that man seeks, when he searches deep in his heart. What is no different from the so-called divine inspiration.
In the second letter to Timothy 3:16, he says that all scripture is divinely inspired. And that is the foundation of all human evolution. So inspiration is when a man acquires information through meditation, which he could not receive by means of physical laws.
So, everything you do, when you can do something that exceeds expectations, then in this action is God.


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