The false Christians in history, not believing in God

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When we read texts from the book called the Holy Bible, we have the foundation of the first false Christian. And a false Christian is one who looks like a Christian but does not do what Christ did.
We can see the verse of Genesis 3:5, in which the serpent tells the woman,
"God knows that in the day that you eat of it, your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil."
The false Christian's first point is to define that God is a liar and that he is deceiving. Then the serpent said that God did not want Adam and Eve to be in a better position, and that God was trying to hide something special.
Doubting God, for want of something different, is the search for something that is desired about the rational. There was nothing that would rationally define that God was hiding something.
Indeed Adam and Eve had everything they needed, but Eve wanted more. There was nothing to raise any suspicions about God. And the false Christian, does this, creates false information, with no basis for going against God. And this dubious information is considered as possible truth, and then it is considered as certainty. And so, we see in the text of Genesis 3:6.
When the woman saw that the tree looked pleasing to the palate, was attractive to the eye, and, moreover, desirable to gain insight from it, she took its fruit, ate it, and gave it to her husband, who ate it, too.
So, without any foundation, Eve considered that the serpent had the truth. Not because she had the truth. Now the serpent had done nothing good for them, but it was the excuse for Eve to eat of the fruit.
For the fruit looked pleasing to the palate, and attractive to the eye, and desirable to be known. And so, Eva ate. She ate because she wanted to eat, and what the serpent said was a mere excuse.
And so, it's false Christians, they want something, and they do what they want, justifying as God's will, or as if God had released it. And so they do, and what's more, they urge others to do the same.
So Eve offered the fruit to Adam and he ate it too. Thus, the foundation of the first false Christian is not to believe in what God says, but in what he thinks he is, and mainly linked to his pleasures, and not linked to reason.


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