Can angels have children?

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To answer this question, we must seek the highest authority in knowledge of heaven. And we can find that verse in John 3:13, it says that no one knows about heaven except the one who came down, and this was the Son of Man, here the text is talking about Jesus. So we have that Jesus is the greatest authority in knowledge of heaven. And about angels he says, in Matthew 22:30. In this verse he says that men will be like angels, and they will not marry nor will they be married.
What defines that angels do not have relations to generate children. In this way Christ clearly explained that angels do not procreate.
But many people wish to create the idea that at some time angels had relations with women, and had children, and that these were called Nephilim. If that were true, then Jesus would be lying, which cannot be possible.
So the angels did not have children, because Jesus said that angels cannot have children. And that in heaven people will be like angels and thus they will have no more children.
In Genesis 6: 4 he defines that when the sons of God chose the daughters of men, this union formed giants. And who were the children of God? In Romans 8:16, it says that those who believe in God and accept him are children of God.
In Galatians 3:26 it says that we are children of God. And the children of God said in the verses, can have children. But according to Jesus, angels cannot. So the only way to define Jesus as true, is that the children of God, are those who were guided by God. And then they stopped being children of God, because they did what they shouldn't, which was to make children with the children of men, that is, those who were not linked to the Spirit of God.
Psalms 29: 1 defines that men who are called children of God, should tax the Lord.
In this way, we clearly have that angels cannot bear children. And that the Sons of God were men who followed the Spirit of God and stopped following by uniting with women who were linked to not following the Spirit of God.
And this concept is clearly linked in the second verse to Corinthians 6:14, in which it says for those who follow Christ not to unite in marriage with those who do not follow God. This is the same mistake made in ancient times. For the children of God are those who follow the Spirit of God. And the unequal yoke is to fail to follow the Spirit of God.
So we are clear that the message is for men, and not for angels, because as Jesus clearly says. Such people cannot marry, nor can they give in marriage.



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