The clay at the feet of the statue

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When we look at the statue of Nebuchadnezzar's dream, we see the golden head, the silver breastplate, the bronze hip, and the iron legs.
But the feet are made of clay and iron. So we have the clay material. Everything else in the statue is metal.
But clay is much more malleable than metals.
We therefore have strong kingdoms and weak kingdoms. Nowadays we can see this group of weak kingdoms with a lot of social problems.
And the upheaval is being immense, with extreme economic downturns. And what we have is that the clay kingdoms suffer greatly from global catastrophes.
In fact, things become very relative to what is best. To be in the iron kingdom, with strict rules, or to live in the clay kingdom, with great suffering and deprivation.
Of course, the correct thing is to be guided by God. And in the last days, he says to get out of Babylon.
In Daniel 2:43 it says that iron does not mix with clay. In fact the verse cites weddings to bring groups together. A form that occurred between the middle ages and close to the modern age.
But the kingdoms that tried to unite through marriages, and that formed Europe, are no longer being made. So we have a very constant political map.
So today there are no weddings to unite kingdoms. We are in a political system, linked to the concept of democracy.
And it shows that we are in a final situation.
If we read Daniel 2:45, we have the phase of destroying the entire statue. And everything breaks down, and it ends. We are in a time of great upheaval, and the future is very hazy.
It is very rational to accept that the coming of Christ is very close. Remembering that the most important is the change of life of each one.
But looking at the world as it is, it gives the grave impression that something very crucial is going to happen.
So we can say that the clay at the feet of the statue, will generate enough weakness for the world to convulse.
May God help the living to resist this evil period.


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