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After Greece, there was no Roman empire to be named, so it was necessary to explain the kingdom that would be the Roman empire, when it came to have that name.
When we read Daniel 2:40 we have the legs part made of iron. And the characteristic of that realm is to break things.
When we see the Babylonian empire, we see that such a kingdom sought the sages to advise the kingdom, and these sages came from all over the world.
When we have Persia, that kingdom also sought advice and was based on evolving with the other kingdoms.
Greece, more than all kingdoms, sought knowledge everywhere, as we can see in the account of the library in Alexandria. We even have the Hebrew Bible translated into Greek, called the Septuagint, showing that the Greeks sought the knowledge of other peoples.
But with Rome it is different. Rome is the police empire, which seeks only that the peoples submit to their orders. They define that their knowledge system is superior, they alter any concept of other peoples, and they change as their own.
The Roman empire was dominant and extremely rigid in relation to domination.
And as we see the sequences of kingdoms, only the Roman empire would fit into the next kingdom. And it is in that kingdom that Jesus is born, and is killed by the orders of the leaders of Israel, and of the Roman governor.
As we read Daniel 7: 7, we can see that the comparison of the kingdom after Greece is different from the others. We have to say that Roman domination, according to his system of conquest, lasted for many years and can be seen as different from the other kingdoms before him.
Rome, in addition to controlling the kingdoms with an iron fist, used to place in each conquered kingdom, a governor and people who controlled in that subjugated kingdom.
Causing any movement against the empire to be destroyed.
So the Roman method, is to place representatives and control groups in the kingdoms, and thus control those kingdoms, constantly sending reports to the empire. Thus, the subjugated kingdoms had controlled autonomy.
In Daniel 2:35 he defines that after the statue was destroyed by stone, there would be no more traces of the kingdoms. And so do we have traces of Rome?
The basis of Western groups, use the ideology of the norms of justice, built by Rome. In fact, the organization of laws and politics is directly linked to Rome. When we see the feet of the statue, we see iron mixed with clay.
This shows that the system of democracy initiated by the Greeks, was organized by the Romans, and so today the kingdoms use the system of laws, and politics developed by Rome.
Here we can see the Bust of Cicero he said "Potestas in populo, auctoritas in senatu", that is to say that the power in the people, authorizes in the senate. Currently, we have the formation of the Senate in modern peoples. Fundamentally created in Rome, and existing in current policies.
We still have the military control system, acquired from the Roman systems, and their organization. Most of the world's police systems come from the Roman base.
As we see iron, it is in the present kingdom, which involves several kingdoms, and many following Roman rules, and being the way of governing iron.
In this way, in addition to the fact that the kingdom of Rome has not only left traces, but is the political and military foundation of most of the world governments.
Which clearly shows that the stone has not yet fallen at the statue's feet, so that no kingdom will leave traces.
So one must wait for that moment when the stone destroys the statue.


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