Christians after Christ, and before Constantine

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After the death of Christ, Christians had a brief period of peace but intense humiliation. Such men being preachers of a leader considered dead and crucified.
In this way, Christian concepts were considered nonsense by a group called a sect.
For many years Christianity was considered a Jewish sect. This sect created several adherents, and caught the attention of Rome.
We can see this in the book of Acts 28:20 to 23, where Paul was arrested and questioned by this Jewish sect.
For that reason I asked to see you and talk to you. It's because of Israel's hope that I'm trapped in these handcuffs.
They replied: "We have not received any letters from Judea concerning you, and none of the brothers who came from there reported or said anything evil against you.
However, we would love to hear from you what you feel; because, as far as this sect is concerned, it is notorious to us that everywhere is spoken against it.
And when they had marked him a day, many came to him at the inn, to whom he declared with good testimony the Kingdom of God and sought to persuade them to the faith of Jesus, both by the law of Moses and by the prophets, from the morning until the afternoon .
For many years the Jewish sect of Christianity has been firmly attached to those given in the law of Moses, and by the prophets. There are no books defined as the New Testament.
In this way the Jewish sect of Christians was founded on the Old Testament.
This sect was heavily persecuted by Emperor Nero, who felt that this group had no help, neither the Jewish kingdom nor the Roman kingdom, were pariahs at their leisure.
Thus, without any power that could help the Christians, they were easy prey for the Roman emperor.
With the fall and destruction of Jerusalem by Rome, commanded by General Titus in 70 after Christ, the sects of the Pharisees and Sadducees went into decline, but the Jewish sect of Christians developed further, defining the prophetic concept defined by Christ, in connection with the book of Daniel, in which he foresees the destruction of Jerusalem.
We can read this in Matthew 24:15
When therefore you see that the abomination of desolation, of which the prophet Daniel spoke, is in the holy place (whoever reads, let him understand),
Thus the sect of Christians grew, and they were always persecuted, so that they could not form positions without their being overthrown and their leaders killed.
Rome enters phases of usurpation of power, assassinations of leaders, and great corruption. Until the arrival of Diocletian's successors.
With Constantine I the Great, there is a union between the Civil government and the religious system.
Uniting the various religious concepts, with the Greek and Roman deities, the mystical concepts, and Christianity. He founded a Roman religion that would bring peace between the Romans and the growing Christians.
This new religion was the foundation for uniting the pieces of Roman society, destroyed by years of Roman political error.
But even if the ties were joined, the Roman Empire would not go back to being what it was, and so the political and religious system varied in strength during the Roman system.
In fact, the periods predate the union of the Greek, Roman, and Jewish-Christian sect. They were diffuse and with many variations, but the original Jewish-Christian sect system was closely linked to Old Testament concepts.


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