The Story of Enoch's Book

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The book was thought to have been lost for over 2,000 years, with many ancient sources referring to it, and even citing parts, but no complete copies were known. Then, in 1773, James Bruce brought three copies from Ethiopia, having spent a few years exploring the country.

Enoch had two main reasons for writing his book. The first was because the Watchers instructed him to do so (see section 15 in 81.5 and 81.6). The second reason; was to save his family from the flood.

Enoch wrote his book after his grandson Lamech was born, but before Noah was born. Noah is mentioned only in the section Methuselah wrote (see section 10 in 107.3) and of course in his own section (section 11, The Book of Noah). So there may still have been 40 to 80 years before the flood, at the time Enoch wrote his book.

There is a long interval between the time of the flood and the time Moses gave praise to Enoch in Genesis. Genesis dates from around 1400 BC and is part of the Torah (the first five books of the Bible).

In Genesis there is the family of Enoch; as he named it in this book, and a quick recap of some of Enoch's stories.

It therefore seems likely that copies of the Book of Enoch survived until the time of Egypt, 3500 BC, and that Moses knew about 2,000 years later.

Moses presumably took a copy of the book with him when everyone left Egypt, and was no doubt pleased to see Enoch's prophecy fulfilled.

The book probably existed primarily in Hebrew during the thousand years after the exodus. No Hebrew copy exists today, however, although there are some Hebrew passages cited in some of the Aramaic fragments that survive a few centuries BC.

The book's appearance in Ethiopia is probably due to events in

Jerusalem during the reign of King Manasseh of Judah (695 - 642 BC), which are documented in the Bible, (2 Chronicles 33: 1-20, and in 2Ki 21: 1-18).

King Manasseh was not of the Jewish faith, he erected the verses for Baal and Asera in the Temple of Solomon. In Kings at 21:16, it says that so much innocent blood was shed that it filled Jerusalem from end to end. At this time, the religious establishment left the country, taking with it the Ark of the Covenant and all important religious texts.

After several years in Egypt, refugees moved further south near the Nile source on Lake Tana in Ethiopia. The descendants of these people are the Falashas, ??who to this day follow the form of Judaism that had been practiced in Israel just before 620 BC. The Ethiopians translated the Book of Hanokh to Ge'ez and had enough respect to take care of it. Meanwhile, all Hebrew versions disappeared, but a substantial part of the book survived in Greek and some in Aramaic, but even Scottish traveler and Freemason James Bruce returned from Ethiopia in 1773 with three manuscripts, no one in the west had ever seen the book. whole book.

The two commonly available translations were made shortly thereafter, and the book was greeted with embarrassing silence, for the most part, and not widely read.

This book is based on a new translation published in 1978, which was produced as a result of researching a large number of Ethiopian manuscripts and a review of all other surviving fragments. My hope is that this current edition will be the best version of Enoch's book available in English.

I think this is an important book, and I did my best to present it as clearly as possible, and in a way that I hope Hanokh has approved.



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