Should we follow churches?

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First we have that churches are unions of people seeking a goal, and following a concept of doctrines.
To understand how this works, we can imagine the flood period. There was Noah and his sons, and the bad men. God chooses Noah and his sons who entered the ark and there was the flood.
Then the bad men were killed, and now the world was going to be made up of good people. No, this statement is false. Since there is man, there is sin, for man seeks his tastes.
In this way too, God chooses Abraham, and he left the city where he lived and went to dedicate himself to God, so now these people would be right. Neither. God actually rebuked these people a lot. So we have that where there is a person, there is the factor of sin appearing.
Therefore, the goal is knowledge of the truth and the pursuit of doing what is right. But expecting everyone around you to be perfect is unlikely, just as defining one could be perfect is also unlikely.
Therefore, being in a church, you can never idealize that it is to be with people who will not make mistakes. And very often it is necessary to be very careful what to say to such people. The best way to keep a secret is to talk only to God.
That's why the connection with the will of God is important. But being with other people and telling God's truth is necessary. Being in a church, everyone cannot be considered perfect, but that each one has to help each other, alerting where the danger is.
This means that we can be in churches and not follow churches. A person follows God, and helps people who are trapped in sin. In a church, at the very least, people say they want to change.
God never set out to live in isolation, but rather to help each other. In this context, being in a church helps a lot in being in contact with people.
You should never go wrong, but that does not prevent you from telling people the right way with love, and moreover, accepting the right way, in case you are wrong.
So also in a church there is much more chance of being reprimanded for doing something wrong. And when you are reprimanded, you have a warning to change your life.
And changing your life is always better than not changing. So being in a church, doing what God says regardless of what the church does. It's a good thing.


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