The Bible's foreknowledge and the laws of the universe

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Many people consider the Bible to be a fantasy book, a mere fairy tale story. But is this true?
The Bible is an extremely historical book, with content that helped many archaeologists to unravel unknown peoples, but which were reported in the Bible.
So basically it's not a fairy tale, it's already an ancient history book.
But what about actions that appear to be fantasies? The point is that often what is in the bible is not fantasy, it is just that the person who reads it is not educated enough to understand.
For example, the Bible speaks of God's foreknowledge. Foreknowledge comes from the Greek word prognosis, which means foreknowledge. This means that for God it is possible to know things before they happen.
Some people consider this to be a fantasy, it couldn't exist. Is it true?
When an aeronautical engineer builds an airplane, and several other engineers design the route, and which people and how many will travel. It generates a prescience of what time the plane will arrive, and how much fuel it will use, and what kind of winds the aircraft will pass. And many other predictions.
Prediction accuracy is closely linked to the amount of information engineers have.
When doing a survey, the accuracy of success is closely linked to the number of people who were surveyed. And such actions are a prediction for the future.
As such, it is entirely logical and acceptable that foreknowledge is possible. And it's a natural attempt in our modern world.
Thus, this universe is developed to form predictions that depend on foreknowledge. And satellites, cell phones, and other equipment rely on predictions that must be extremely accurate.
So to say that foreknowledge is something impossible, only for those who seek to ignore reality. So, God being prescient is something extremely rational.


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