Can we hope for ecological policy?


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Hope is a very good feeling. The big question is whether there is a solid basis for hope.
When looking at the world political system, and the union between countries, can we take a firm stand of hope that countries will unite to really care for the ecology of the planet?
No policy forecasting system that uses historical foundations and political analysis dictates that countries will band together for real ecological policy.
The big problem is in the world capitalist system. And its capital production machine, which is based on the extraction of raw materials and their processing.
The planet is already on a level with no return to what it was. And the economic system does not signal a change in its work bases.
Thus, it is not possible to define a foundation for countries to unite in an ecological purpose. What is actually foreseen is that it will be trying to reduce the system of public opinion against the derisory actions of countries.
But nature does not follow the opinions of country leaders. Nature is in the law of cause and effect. And continuing with the cause of the degradation of the ecology, through the extraction of primary products, and their processing, the effect is more and more natural disasters.
The will of every rational individual was to hope for ecological policy, but this is not rationally possible.



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