Consumption without production.


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The big problem with idleness is the concept of the unproductive. The unproductive is something that does not generate results, does not develop concepts or materials with real values.
A chain of capitalist generation requires that what consumes also be productive, if those who consume it are not productive, the capitalist chain is broken.
With the increase in technology, the production system becomes more and more complex, requiring technologically capable people with years of learning.
When these years of acquired knowledge do not occur, individuals become economically unproductive, and the larger this group grows, the more the system tends to break down, as production needs to generate consumer products for such individuals.
The great problem of a non-productive society is at the foundation of its culture. When the culture of a society is directly linked to itself, the ideology is that life must somehow generate its needs and desires.
In older generations, there was a sense of idealism. Idealism is a motivating principle of a mental nature, which seeks to achieve something, no matter what the difficulties.
People like Kepler, who determined the orbits of the planets, or Gandhi who fought for peace, even though he accepted his own suffering, and we can still say that Jesus Christ is also an exponent of idealism.
Idealists are producers when their ideal involves more helping everyone than helping a group or merely one person.
A society that seeks to disseminate helping groups, or people, and not helping society as a whole, is bored to dissolve into various polarizing and opposing groups.
This breakdown in society ends up generating problems in the productive sector, and with it the reduction of consumer products, generating hunger, and further intensifying the polarization of society, at serious risk of civil battles.
In fact, what we are seeing is the evolution of a cultural construction based on the vision of each individual, and not on the search for a common vision for the evolution of society, even at the expense of individual suffering.



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