How to avoid accepting the existence of God?

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There is a rule for accepting the non-existence of God. And that rule is to avoid conversations about the existence of God.
That's right, running away, ignoring it, not thinking about it. For the positions of the existence of a God are so great, that it becomes impossible for logic to deny his existence.
There are several proofs to determine an infinite and intelligent entity, one of which is the existence of life. It is impossible for life to arise as we know it. For it is impossible by random means to form a protein, let alone to form molecular machines, and such in an organized system separated by a lipid layer to control the interior substances.
Another is that if there are conscious beings, like us human beings, then the laws of nature are greater than our consciousness, otherwise we would mold the universe to our will, or it, by not foreseeing such factors, would be destroyed like a big mistake. of programming.
But this is not what determines that the universe is more conscious than the greater consciousness it sustains.
There are several others, and thus the only way to continue not believing in God is to avoid the subject, seeking ignorance about the subject.
Logically, to say that God exists is not to accept the most chaotic, greedy, and unreasonable religions that exist on earth. We are merely talking about the existence of a consciousness that defines a true answer to everything. Defined in textbooks of absolute truth.


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