Does conservation of ecology have a future?


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That's a good question. Optimists say yes, realists say no.
The world is too late to start fighting global warming. Because with 7 billion people in the world, we have a capitalist system for the maintenance of several economies. But a production system seeks raw materials to create industrialized products for society.
The issue is the anthropocentrist ideology, in which everything that is done for man is necessary, devaluing things that do not generate importance for man. In this way the capitalist system developed in a predatory way for nature. Without thinking about the consequences, countries for years destroyed natural reserves for the enrichment and maintenance of human pleasures.
This world capitalist machine has become the foundation of society, and the basis of life for the new generations. In this way, people cannot actually see the world without the production system, which is linked to the devastation of nature.
Many people defend ecology, but in practice they do not know the price they would have to pay so that nature could be preserved.
Conservation of nature involves changes in paradigms, and a large reduction in consumption, and any reduction in consumption generates problems in the capitalist system, with inflationary problems.
In this way, without a world view of changes in all population spheres, the conservation of ecology has no future, because the basic culture is that something magical will make the conservation of nature occur, merely because people make marches, or cry out. command words.
Nature conservation is linked to profound changes in human habits, and is only possible if society in its majority has become morally and intellectually elevated. What, due to denialist health systems, have shown that the world population in its majority, is still in a very weak phase of acceptance of the truth.
A realistic vision of the facts, and of what happens in the world, and the prediction is that the conservation of ecology has no future, because the human being in the global vision, have not taken decisions that show that nature will be preserved.



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