The nothing and the everything?

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According to some scientists who defend the quantum theory, energy can appear out of nowhere, but when this phenomenon is observed, soon this energy is taken again.
Which means that there is no gain of positive energy, nor loss of energy.
Thus, there is nothing that defines that the energy we have in the universe came from nothing. What defines that everything exists independently of nothing. And that nothing exists independently of everything.
That way, something doesn't form out of nothing. There is no foundation that there can be energy where there is no such energy. One of the basic laws of the universe is the law of conservation of energy. And neither the loss nor the spontaneous appearance of energy is detected.
The existence of the universe cannot be determined by the formation of energy where there is no energy. And the emergence of the universe needs to at least follow the laws of the universe, and if that's the case, then the emergence of the universe cannot be described by the theories we currently have.
Two things are important, one is the energy in which its effects are controlled and modified according to the variation of time. Such things are physical. The other is laws that do not change or vary with time. It's the non-physical things. Where do non-physical things come from? And this is the big problem of physics, how do the immaterial and controlling rules of materials exist?
The laws of physics, their constants and how they organize the material system, are really the fact that they cannot be explained by probability systems, nor even by the foundation of their existence. Laws exist as they exist, with no grounds for being the way they are, unless they evoke a system of intelligence.
In fact, the only reasonable explanation is a constructive intelligence system, which could explain the existence of rational entities such as the human being. Because for there to be laws that support intelligence, it is necessary that these laws are more intelligent than the beings that are controlled. Otherwise, the universe would not be able to organize the thoughts and actions of something superior to the universe.
So the only accepted concept is that the universe is conscious, or was built by a conscious entity. And that all things are based on a non-physical foundation, which controls physical things, so physical things cannot subsist without non-physical control.



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