The wars and the return of Jesus

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We currently have a war between Ukraine and Russia.
Is this a factor for Jesus' return?
Jesus' return is not for man to save himself from war, but because of human depravity.
Jesus will come because of human hypocrisy, not because of wars.
It is the heart of man that matters to God, for salvation is directly linked to the feeling of true love.
True love is not letting the other person do everything they want, but helping them to get on the right path.
When man stops looking for the right way, and the wrong way turns into the ideal, then at that moment Jesus is near to arrive.
The importance of the existence of the world is linked to the demonstration of good in modifying evil, but when this no longer occurs, then there is no longer any basis for the existence of evil.
So, when the human heart continually becomes evil, and this occurs on global scales, it is time for the earth to be destroyed.
So to observe the nearness of Jesus and his return, observe the human heart as it is becoming.
And to see if you are being one of the people touched by the Holy Spirit, see if you are grieved by the wickedness in the heart of man.
Are there any good countries in the war between Russia and Ukraine?
No, it does not exist. Because Russia attacked Ukraine so that Ukraine would not become a NATO member country.
But what would that be? Imagine that Russia made an alliance with Cuba to place Russian weapons on Cuban soil. The United States would quickly go to war with Cuba and take Cuban territory.
So it was with Russia and Ukraine. Ukraine would be seeking an alliance with NATO that is against Russia.
And so Russia, before that happened, went to war with Ukraine. What Russia did, the United States would do if it happened to Cuba.
So there are no good countries, all are managing warlike powers to subjugate the other.
And what does the return of Jesus have to do with it? The generation of the concept of hypocrisy is the foundation for the nullification of human character. For he constructs a falsehood by defining that he is doing the right thing.
When Jesus was killed on the cross, the Jews thought they were doing the right thing in their hypocritical ideological system.
So today when we defend a wrong system, as correct, over another wrong system, we are forming a hypocritical concept.
So the foundation of the people in the last days is people doing the wrong things, defining it to be right. But this right is not linked to having an understanding of the subject.
So that if someone merely speaks against the opinion of the majority, it is not a conversation, but a system of condemnation for those who think differently.
And the basis of hypocrisy is this, not listening to, nor calmly analyzing the opinion of the other. And condemn those who think differently quickly, before they express their opinions.
This is the basic concept of society when Jesus returns.
Once man is in this situation, there is no way for the Spirit of God to interact for repentance, for the individual in his hypocrisy learns with great efficiency to deny the truths of the Holy Spirit.
So what remains is simply the damning effect of the divinity, for there are no ways for conversion.
And this is the clear foundation to define when the return of Jesus occurs, it is not the wars, but the hypocrisy dissolved in the world population, to the point of no longer listening to the message of God.


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