Repressed and shaken

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In the book of Luke 6, verse 38, we have a verse that says so. Give and a good measure will be given to you, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be given to you. For as you use it, it will also be used to measure you."
Something is interesting in the verse, that we can ask the question, who is in the verse giving in a squashed, shaken and overflowing way. The pressed term is pressed, pressed, to fit more, shaken so as not to leave empty spaces, and overflowing.
This action is defined as God giving blessings. The verse says that everyone who bestows blessings on others receives blessing, and those that come from God are much greater.
Many think it's money, but seeing Jesus' actions, we see that the important thing is to help. It can be in monetary funds, but the important thing is to be present and help, and make the person help themselves, and more, seek to unite the person with God who is a giver of blessings as the verse says.
The basic point is that all human beings are channels of God's blessings, some accept others do not. Usually most don't. The foundation for being a channel is love, and love distributes blessings. Not having love, blessings are withheld, and the individual is based on greed, and one time God withholds blessings because such blessings are a detriment to the greedy individual.
The individual with love will have what is most important in the blessing of God, which is the connection with God. It is not the rich men who are blessed, but the men closest to God.
Looking at the life of Christ, we can see what it really means to share God's blessings.
Currently, these channels of blessing are being reduced, as we are lacking in love in the world society. And this is a description of the divine prophecies that the love of almost everyone would grow cold.
One thing is certain, salvation is directly linked to being a channel of blessings, as it represents being linked to Christ, who is the vine that releases the sap, and in the parable the sap is the blessings as the Spirit of God and the fruits that each person generates, are the blessings given to others. And whoever does not bear fruit, God plucks it out. Thus, being a channel of blessings is a necessary action to have salvation. Whoever does not bring God's blessing to others will not be saved, for he is not bound in Christ, and Christ will say, "I do not know you."
Knowing clearly, that the channel of blessings is only through love. If not merely, closeted greed.


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