Why is Easter celebrated on Sunday?

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First, we must ask, why at Easter do you put a rabbit carrying an egg, if rabbit has nothing to do with real Easter? And rabbits are mammals, so they don't lay eggs!
Thus, a custom only has to do with the repetition of something, so that it becomes common.
Easter, which has the real name of Peshach which means passage. And it is related to the departure of the Hebrew people from Egypt, and also to the passage through the Red Sea.
With the advent of Jesus Christ, the commemoration of Passover takes place in Jewish custom on the 15th day of the month Nissan.
Typically, modern Christians set Easter between Friday and Sunday. And they celebrate Sunday as Easter Sunday.
It must be understood that in the bible there is no declaration of change of the day of the Jewish Passover, to determine that the resurrection of Jesus is the Passover.
This is merely a creation of a group of Christians, with no scriptural support whatsoever.
Remember that if it is possible to use a rabbit and an egg to represent a term called Easter, then defining the death of Jesus as Easter also makes no difference.
This occurs merely through willful ignorance. Voluntary ignorance is when a person hears a word, doesn't really know its origin and accepts what is said about it without research.
As Passover is a Jewish term, its meaning lies in Jewish culture. But who doesn't care, then Easter has no meaning, other than what you imagine. Be it a rabbit, be it an egg, be it the death of Jesus, it doesn't matter what it is, because for those who don't seek to know it can be anything.
So the death of Jesus is a very important fact, but it is not Easter. A rabbit is a very beautiful animal, for some, but it's not Easter either, can an egg help a hungry person to satisfy their hunger? He can. But it's not Easter either.
Easter is a biblical definition, related to the liberation of the Hebrew people. If there are 4 alternatives in a test, and the individual does not know the answer, then any one of the alternatives is the answer for him. But that doesn't really say that the answer is any one, it just shows that the individual is ignorant in not knowing the answer.


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