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A group of Christians came up with an idea of ​​defining concepts that would determine whether a church was true or false.
And they created several determinations to be defined as a true church.
One of these is that Jesus is the center of the gospel.
Another is that God is a trinity.
And we also have the ecclesiastical organization.
Let's say a church has such rules, but it kills or tortures people, or uses the money of the faithful for its pleasures.
So, according to such people this church with such sins is the true church. For it fulfills what they defined as important, and the rest are acceptable sins.
There is no logic that sins are accepted as the true church and others are not. As if the true church could commit certain sins, and if it committed the special ones, it would cease to be the true church.
What we clearly have is a group of people who decide in their favor mechanisms to place themselves in superiority. It's not that right doesn't exist, but right is everywhere and not just what a group decides to be important.
The true church is made up of its faithful members and they seek to come out of all sin. And they don't accept being defined as the church of God, just because they follow some and others don't.
Every sin is a mistake, and every sin defines going against the church of God. There are no major sins to be disciplined and sins that can be done.
In fact, the true church is directly involved in accepting the right, and examining with clean heart and not defining bad sins and acceptable sins.
Since the big problem is the characteristic of sinning, defining what is right, as it becomes sin against the Holy Spirit. So separating sins into acceptable and excommunicable is the path to Sin against the Spirit.
All sins are evil and must be taken away, but one cannot say which sin is punishable and which is not.
All human beings in the church must seek to improve, and non-improvement must make them themselves leave the place where people seek to be right.
In fact, one church may be closer to the truth than another. For example, the church in Paul's time could be closer to the truth than the church in Solomon's time.
But the true church is that made up of the members who are in the book of life.
Normally, it is determined, by Christian groups, which true church is the one that believes in Christ. But if so, the entire Old Testament would be defined as a false church.
A Christian would define that prophets, or holy men, believed in Christ in the old testament, which is already irrational, because in the new testament it defines Jesus as something that had not been revealed.
In fact, Christians do not consider Judaism as the true church, as they do not believe in Christ.
Thus, defining true church is not a rational concept. Every church must go closer and closer to the truth, that is the only logical concept.
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