Wars and the existence of God

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We are currently experiencing Russia's war with Ukraine. But does the existence of wars define that God does not exist?
The existence of wars determine the existence of God, because if evolution were true, all human beings would not make wars, and would be servants of the best possible way of life.
If destructive factors occur in the human being, then evolution is false. What we have is a regression. And that can only exist with an intervention against an evolution.
In this way, wars show the regression of the human being. Among species, man should be extremely organized, more so than bee societies. In fact, man behaves like the most destructive animal on the planet, to the point that the planet runs the risk of being destroyed, either by the destruction of nature or by an atomic war.
Thus, we have the human being as a virus, trying in its existence to destroy the ecosystem in which it lives, as the virus does with a host.
And that proves the existence of God. Because in this case there has to be a different effect to generate evolved groups, and destructive groups. So we see in society, people who seek peace, and groups who seek war. Indeed, those who seek war are irrational!
Thus, the group that chose regression is only possible because there is a choice factor. Evolution would direct the human being to only one direction, which would be evolution, never destruction.
Man's ability to generate atomic bombs capable of destroying all human beings clearly shows that the rule of survival of the fittest is not real. Once catastrophic destruction occurs with all the nuclear weapons, plus the ravages of nature, the planet could become uninhabitable. And this is totally against evolutionary rules.
What we can observe is that there is a division between peacemakers and those who seek war. Peacemakers are always in the minority. This again demonstrates that there is a different effect to a choice.
For if evolution were a major factor, then the peacemakers would be the majority, and if they were the majority, there would currently be no more wars.
The correct appearance is that man is on a stage where he can choose destruction or evolution, and that an entity will separate such individuals, so that the peacemakers will obtain peace, and the destroyers will obtain destruction.


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