The monotheistic singularity

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When we talk about belief in God through historical ages, we can see that the normality is that first men created gods from the forces of nature.
Thus, it is really a concept outside of human standards, to define a single, immaterial God, independent of nature.
The Semitic Hebrew God is not linked to any force of nature. And being superior to all, he is a being that has no form, and is also defined as the only God.
In this way, the whole concept of deities of other peoples is broken. Who always generate gods with shapes, linked to forces of nature, in addition to managing a pantheon of gods.
Any logical concept to link a scripture to the existence of God, linked to the concepts of the universe, that scripture would clearly be Judeo-Christian.
In fact, Judeo-Christian scripture is not perfect in uniting itself with a concept of universal laws. Even Albert Einstein, a Jewish physicist, and who developed the theory of relativity, defines that there are humanistic concepts in the bible that seem contrary to the systems of universal laws.
But the best concept remains with Judeo-Christian. Isaac Newton, the creator of the mathematical formula of gravity, was a great scholar of the Judeo-Christian scriptures, and defines that these would be the scriptures closest to a God connected to the universe of physics.
The list of advocates who observe the reality of physical laws, and who manage to see in the Judeo-Christian documents the better connection than any other historical document, is very long.
In fact, the monotheistic singularity in the way that has been described clearly forms a solid foundation in which in the cultures about deities, the Judeo-Christian far surpasses the others in connection with reality and divinity.


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