How do you know which church is true?

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There is no true church. There are churches with more truths than others. Where there is a human being leading there is error, and all error is sin.
A true church can only exist if God controls it 100 percent. A church 100 percent controlled by God would have its members translated because they follow God 100 percent.
So what would be the best church? The one who can best answer all questions pertinent to religion. For example. Shall we keep the Sabbath holy, as it is written in Genesis?
The church that has the best answers in a way that makes the texts balance is closer to the truth.
Furthermore, the church closest to the truth does not persecute people who question points of its doctrine. In fact if a church can better answer all pertinent questions, then people who are against it will receive logical answers on the matter.
The use of stalking only demonstrates the lack of logical and complete answers on the matter, and so they persecute the questioner.
Another characteristic is that the church that has more truths, does not have preconceptions about matters. Many churches have preconceptions about debates about the Holy Spirit, Deity or Trinity.
Normally any thoughts contrary to the church in these matters are automatically liable to be called heretics, apostates, or sect followers.
This kind of action is merely the fear that the church, with its cherished doctrines, might be called into question.
In this case the idea of ​​truth is merely a preconceived system with no sustainable basis. It had an extremely sustainable foundation, and no one would have the logical strength to doubt it.
The force, the persecution, are clear demonstrations of lack of reason by any organization that uses these tools.


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