Love would grow cold

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In Matthew verse 24 and verse 12 we have, And because iniquity shall abound, love will grow cold among almost all.

To understand the verse correctly we must clearly understand the idea of when it was written.

The oldest origin of When we look at the term iniquity, it comes from the Greek anomias, and nomos means law. Greek anomias, and nomos means law, that is, iniquity represents the term, lawlessness. law.

What does this mean? That the cooling of love has to do with lawlessness. Let's say, for example, that a politician steals millions in cash, and is not convicted, and yet lives a life of pleasure.

That's a Now imagine that in the same place a woman steals a liter of milk for her children. a liter of milk for her hungry children and is imprisoned for two years, and her years, and her children are left motherless. That's another form of lawlessness.

Now, imagine that an individual is robbed and by means of merely a photo of a black man, you sentence that man to years in prison, and then over the years you find out that it was another man who did the stealing, and after years the wronged man is released, and receive a handout as compensation for the years unjustly imprisoned. This is another kind of lawlessness.

Seeing these points, we can see why love would grow cold. There is another verse that helps us understand better. Psalms, chapter 11 verse 3 we can read: If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?

The foundations are defined as the basis for application of the law, when these foundations are destroyed, the law is applied by the will of the the will of those in power, and so “without the foundations” the just have no way of asking for justice. ask for justice.

At present, the laws are biased towards the will of the powerful, and so the poor and humble are servants and slaves of the powerful.

Thus, there is no law, because the foundation of it is destroyed, and so countries have freedom to kill entire populations, while others, if they kill one, are condemned to the highest degree.

So the problem is not the law, but the countries or people who are above the law.

In this case, love grows cold, because it is not the law that determines justice, but who is powerful or not. justice, then love loses its meaning of existence.

In this case, love grows cold.


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