Why can't the UN solve the world's issues?

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The UN is called the United Nations. In fact this is merely a name that does not coincide with the UN. The UN was formed after the Second World War, with the aim of not causing nations to go to war.It must be understood that the two world wars were not world wars, but wars with some countries that consider themselves the most important in the world, thus ignoring the other countries in the world that did not go to war.And so is the UN, the United Nations organization, with the real decisions being made between the United States of America and Russia. This is because as the UN is based on not having war again, decisions are linked to the countries with the greatest atomic war power.Thus, the world is controlled with the support of atomic war powers, whoever has more atomic power has greater decision-making power, purely due to the fear factor, in which other countries are afraid that in a war, countries that do not have war power , are destroyed.Thus, the UN is a mere facade to try to contain a war between countries with greater military military power, and not an institution to help all countries.So, when we see countries killing children, destroying hospitals, and causing people to be put like animals for slaughter and such a country is not condemned, this is the effect of not challenging a dominant country in its will. Thus, what happens is to place one group as the axis of evil, when all two groups do the same thing. Thus, even though we have two axes of evil, the UN, as the most dominant country, hypocritically determines that only one is the axis of evil.This widespread partiality of the UN is the main reason why the UN does not resolve the world's issues.


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