Man does not evolve morally

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In history we can read about wars, in which children, women, the elderly, the sick, and many other things were killed. But today this continues to occur, and such actions are still justified by the dominant power. What we can observe is that man continues to commit atrocities, on both sides. And as always, the hypocritical factor is always on the side of the powerful.Countries extremely opposed to war at other times remain silent in moments of hypocrisy. At this moment we can see the size of global hypocrisy, which is neither greater nor lesser than previous hypocrisies.Hypocritical countries can be clearly seen, due to the different actions towards some and others. There is the jargon that says double standards . What does that mean? This means that for some, the law is applied to the extreme, and for others the law is annulled. These are countries that respect people.This has always existed, and currently remains in a political form, declared by countries. There are totally hypocritical countries, which show their clear biased actions. And there are still countries that know what they should say, but remain silent, because of their alliances with clearly biased countries. And in this cycle, people die, die and die. And this inaction clearly demonstrates that man does not evolve morally. It remains with the same institutional vices, and the same rules of authoritarian and destructive power, as in ancient times.What it shows us clearly is that man does not change, and by not changing he destroys both people and nature, and there is no real hope that man will change, not perpetrating the dominant will of the countries, he does not change also in relation to the destruction of nature.What there really is no hope for. Young people and children themselves detect this, as it is clearly seen, and this generates depression for the new generations.This cycle does not find any solution, and so the only solution is for a superior being to intervene, if this does not happen, man himself will destroy himself.


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