The Third Parable

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The two monsters mentioned at 60.7 are also mentioned in the book of Job possibly the oldest book in the Bible. See Job 40.15 & 41.1. Behemoth is "the beast" and Leviathan is "the monster of chaos,” but what they represent, in Enoch's book, is not made clear. At 60.10, the Watchers say it is a secret and then they soon change the subject.

At 60.1 Enoch gives his age; it is written as 500 and not 50 in the Ethiopian copies. I feel this must be due to an ancient transcription error so I have substituted 50 as the most likely alternative. I suspect that Enoch had just had his exact age calculated by the Watchers, based on the story of his birth, which would be a rare thing to know in the days before calendars were in everyday use.

58.1    And I began to speak The Third Parable.

About The Righteous and about The Chosen.

58.2    Blessed are you, the righteous and the chosen, for your lot will be glorious!

58.3    And the righteous will be in the light of the Sun and the chosen in the light of eternal life. And there will be no end to the days of their life and the days of the Holy will be without number.

58.4    And they will seek the light and will find righteousness with the Lord of Spirits. Peace be to the righteous with the Lord of the World!

58.5    And after this it will be said to the Holy that they should seek in Heaven the secrets of righteousness, the lot of faith; for it has become bright as the Sun upon the dry ground, and darkness has passed away.

58.6    And there will be ceaseless light, and to a limit of days, they will not come, for darkness will have been destroyed previously. And the light will endure in front of the Lord of Spirits, and the light of uprightness will endure in front of the Lord of Spirits, forever.

60.1    In the fiftieth year, in the seventh month, on the fourteenth day of the month of the life of Enoch. In that parable, I saw how the Heaven of Heavens was shaken violently, and the Host of the Most High and the Angels, a thousand thousands and ten thousand times ten thousand, were extremely disturbed.

60.2    And then I saw the Head of Days sitting on the throne of his glory and the Angels and righteous were sitting around him.

60.3    And a great trembling seized me, and fear took hold of me, and my loins collapsed and gave way, and my whole being melted, and I fell upon my face.

60.4    And the Holy Michael sent another Holy Angel, one of the Holy Angels, and he raised me; and when he raised me my spirit returned, for I had been unable to endure the sight of that host, and the disturbance, and

the shaking of Heaven.

60.5    And the Holy Michael said to me:

“What sight has disturbed you like this? Until today has the day of His mercy lasted and He has been merciful and long suffering towards those who dwell upon the dry ground.

60.6    And when the Day, and the Power, and the Punishment, and the Judgment come that the Lord of Spirits has prepared for those who worship the Righteous Judgment, and for those who deny the Righteous Judgment, and for those who take His name in vain - and that Day has been prepared. For the chosen a covenant, but for the sinners a visitation.”

60.7    And on that day two monsters will be separated from one another, a female monster whose name is Leviathan, to dwell in the depths of the sea, above the springs of the waters.

60.8    And the name of the male is Behemoth who occupies with his breast an immense desert named Dendayn on the east of the Garden where the chosen and the righteous dwell. Where my great-grandfather was received, who was seventh from Adam, the first man whom the Lord of Spirits made.

60.9    And I asked that other Angel to show me the power of those monsters, how they were separated on one day, and thrown, one into the depths of the sea and the other on to the dry ground of the desert.

60.10    And he said to me: “Son of man, you here wish to know what is secret.”

60.24    And the Angel of Peace who was with me, said to me: “These two monsters, prepared in accordance with the greatness of the Lord, will feed them that Punishment of the Lord. And children will be killed with their mothers and sons with their fathers.

60.25    When the punishment of the Lord of Spirits rests upon them it will remain resting so that the punishment of the Lord of Spirits may not come in vain upon these. Afterwards, the judgment will be according to His

mercy and His patience.”

61.1    And in those days, I saw long cords given to those Angels and they acquired wings for themselves, and flew, and went towards the north.

61.2    And I asked the Angel, saying:

“Why did these take the long cords, and go?” And he said to me: “They went so that they may measure.”

61.3    And the Angel who went with me, said to me:

“These will bring the measurements of the righteous, and the ropes of the righteous, to the righteous, that they may rely on the name of the Lord of Spirits for ever and ever.

61.4    The chosen will begin to dwell with the chosen, and these measurements will be given to faith, and will strengthen righteousness.

61.5    And these measurements will reveal all the secrets of the depths of the Earth, and those who were destroyed by the desert, and those who were devoured by the fish of the sea, and by animals, that they may return and rely on the Day of the Chosen One. For no one will be destroyed in front of the Lord of Spirits, and no one can be destroyed.”

61.6    And all those in the Heavens above received a command, and power, and one voice, and one light like fire was given to them.

61.7    And Him, before everything, they blessed, and exalted, and praised in wisdom. And they showed themselves wise in speech and in the spirit of life.

61.8    And the Lord of Spirits set the Chosen One on the throne of his glory, and he will judge all the works of the Holy ones in Heaven above, and in the Balance he will weigh their deeds.

61.9    And when he lifts his face to judge their secret ways according to the word of the name of the Lord of Spirits, and their path according to the way of the Righteous Judgment of the Lord Most High, they will all speak with one voice and bless, and praise, and exalt, and glorify, the Name of the

Lord of Spirits.

61.10    And he will call all the Host of the Heavens and all the Holy Ones above, and the Host of the Lord, the Cherubim, and the Seraphim, and the Ophannim, and all the Angels of Power, and all the Angels of the Principalities, and the Chosen One, and the other host that is upon the dry ground, and over the water, on that Day.

61.11    And they will raise one voice, and will bless, and praise, and glorify, and exalt, in the spirit of faith, and in the spirit of wisdom, and of patience, and in the spirit of mercy, and in the spirit of justice, and of peace, and in the spirit of goodness. And they will all say with one voice: “Blessed is He, and blessed be the name of the Lord of Spirits for ever and ever.”

61.12    All Those Who Do Not Sleep in Heaven above will bless him. All His Holy Ones who are in Heaven, will bless Him, and all the chosen ones who dwell in the Garden of Life, and every spirit able to bless, and praise and exalt, and hallow your Holy Name. And all flesh which to the limit of its power, will praise, and bless, your Name forever and ever.

61.13    For great is the mercy of the Lord of Spirits, and he is long-suffering; and all his works and all his forces, as many as he has made, he has revealed to the righteous and the chosen, in the Name of the Lord of Spirits.

62.1    And thus the Lord commanded the kings, and the mighty and the exalted, and those who dwell upon the earth, and said: “Open your eyes and raise your horns if you are able to acknowledge the Chosen One.”

62.2    And the Lord of Spirits sat on His Throne of Glory, and the spirit of righteousness was poured out on him, and the word of his mouth kills all the sinners and all the lawless, and they are destroyed in front of him.

62.3    And on that Day, all the kings and the mighty and the exalted, and those who possess the earth, will stand up and they will see and recognize how he sits on the Throne of His Glory. And the righteous are judged in righteousness, in front of him, and no idle word is spoken in front of him.

62.4    And pain will come upon them as upon a woman in labour, for whom giving birth is difficult when her child enters the mouth of the womb, and she has difficulty giving birth.

62.5    And one half of them will look at the other, and they will be terrified, and will cast down their faces, and pain will take hold of them when they see that son of a woman sitting on the throne of His Glory.

62.6    And the mighty kings, and all those who possess the earth, will praise and bless and exalt Him who rules everything that is hidden.

62.7    For from the beginning that Son of Man was hidden, and the Most High kept him in the presence of His power, and revealed him only to the chosen.

62.8    And the community of the Holy and the chosen will be sown and all the chosen will stand before him on that day.

62.9    And all the mighty kings, and the exalted, and those who rule the dry ground, will fall down before him, on their faces, and worship; and they will set their hopes on that Son of Man, and will entreat him, and will petition for mercy from him.

62.10    But the Lord of Spirits will then so press them that they will hasten to go out from before Him, and their faces will be filled with shame, and the darkness will grow deeper on their faces.

62.11    And the Angels of Punishment will take them so that they may repay them for the wrong that they did to His children and to His chosen ones.

62.12    And they will become a spectacle to the righteous and to His chosen ones; they will rejoice over them, for the anger of the Lord of Spirits will rest upon them, and the sword of the Lord of Spirits will be drunk with them.

62.13    And the righteous and the chosen will be saved on that Day and they will never see the faces of the sinners and the lawless from then on.

62.14    And the Lord of Spirits will remain over them and with that Son of

Man they will dwell, and eat, and lie down, and rise up, forever and ever.

62.15    And the righteous and chosen will have risen from the earth, and will have ceased to cast down their faces, and will have put on the Garment of Life.

62.16    And this will be a Garment of Life from the Lord of Spirits; and your garments will not wear out, and your glory will not fail, in front of the Lord of Spirits.

63.1    In those days, the mighty kings who possess the dry ground will entreat the Angels of His Punishment to whom they have been handed over so that they might give them a little respite. And so that they might fall down and worship in front of the Lord of Spirits, and confess their sins in front of Him.

63.2    And they will bless and praise the Lord of Spirits, and say: “Blessed be the Lord of Spirits, and the Lord of Kings, the Lord of the Mighty, and the Lord of the Rich, and the Lord of Glory, and the Lord of Wisdom!

63.3    And everything secret is clear, in front of You, and your power is for all generations, and your glory is forever and ever. Deep and without number are all your secrets and your righteousness is beyond reckoning.

63.4    Now we realize that we ought to praise and bless the Lord of Kings and the one who is King over all Kings.”

63.5    And they will say: “Would that we might be given a respite, so that we might praise and thank and bless him, and make our confession in front of His Glory.

63.6    And now we long for a respite, but do not find it; we are driven off and do not obtain it; and the light has passed away from before us, and darkness will be our dwelling forever and ever.

63.7    For we have not made our confession before him, and we have not praised the name of the Lord of Kings, and we have not praised the Lord for all his works, but our hopes have been on the sceptre of our kingdom, and of our glory.

63.8    And on the day of our affliction and distress he does not save us, and we find no respite to make our confession that our Lord is faithful in all his doings, and in all his judgments and his justice, and that his judgments show no respect for persons.

63.9    And we pass away from in front of him because of all our works and all our sins have been counted exactly.”

63.10    Then they will say to them: “Our souls are sated with possessions gained through iniquity, but they do not prevent our going down into the flames of the torment of Sheol.”

63.11    And after this their faces will be filled with darkness and shame, in front of that Son of Man, and they will be driven away from him. And the sword will dwell among them - in front of Him.

63.12    And thus says the Lord of Spirits: “This is the Law and the Judgment for the mighty, and the kings, and the exalted, and for those who possess the dry ground, in front of the Lord of Spirits.”

64.1    And I saw other figures hidden in that place.

64.2    I heard the voice of the Angel saying: “These are the Angels who came down from Heaven onto the Earth and revealed what is secret to the sons of men, and led astray the sons of men, so that they committed sin.”

68.2    And on that day the Holy Michael answered Raphael, saying: “The power of the spirit seizes me and makes me tremble because of the harshness of the judgment of the Angels. Who can endure the harshness of the judgment which has been executed and before which they melt with fear?”

68.3    And the Holy Michael answered Raphael again, and said to him:

“Who would not soften his heart over it, and whose mind would not be disturbed by this word? Judgment has gone out against them, upon those whom they have led out like this.”

68.4    But it came to pass, when he stood before the Lord of Spirits, that the Holy Michael spoke as follows to Raphael: “I will not take their part under the eye of the Lord, for the Lord of Spirits is angry with them, because they act as if they were the Lord.

68.5    Because of this the hidden judgment will come upon them for ever and ever; for neither any other Angel, nor any man, will receive their lot, but they alone have received their judgment for ever and ever.

69.1    And after this judgment I will terrify them, and make them tremble, for they have shown this to those who dwell upon the dry ground.”

69.2    And behold, the names of those Angels: - The first of them is Semyaza, and the second Artaqifa, and the third Armen, and the fourth Kokabiel, and the fifth Turiel, and the sixth Ramiel, and the seventh Daniel, and the eighth Nuqael, and the ninth Baraqiel, and the tenth Azazel, and the eleventh Armaros, the twelfth Batriel, the thirteenth Basasael, the fourteenth Ananel, the fifteenth Turiel, the sixteenth Samsiel, the seventeenth Yetarel, the eighteenth Tumiel, the nineteenth Turiel, the twentieth Rumiel, the twenty-first Azazel.

69.3    And these are the chiefs of their Angels, and the names of the leaders of hundreds, and their leaders of fifties, and their leaders of tens.

69.4    The name of the first is Yequn; this is the one who led astray all the children of the Holy Angels, and he brought them down onto the dry ground, and led them astray through the daughters of men.

69.5    And the name of the second is Asbeel; this one suggested an evil plan to the children of the Holy Angels, and led them astray, so that they corrupted their bodies with the daughters of men.

69.6    And the name of the third is Gadreel; this is the one that showed all the deadly blows to the sons of men. And he led astray Eve. And he showed the weapons of death to the children of men, the shield and the breastplate, and the sword for slaughter, and all the weapons of death to the sons of men.

69.7    And from his hand they have gone out against those who dwell the dry ground from that time and forever and ever.

69.8    And the name of the fourth is Penemue; this one showed the sons of men the bitter and the sweet and showed them all the secrets of their wisdom.

69.9    He taught men the art of writing with ink and paper, and through this many have gone astray, from eternity to eternity, and to this day.

69.10    For men were not created for this, that they should confirm their faith like this, with pen and ink.

69.11    For men were created no differently from the Angels, so that they might remain righteous and pure, and death, which destroys everything, would not have touched them; but through this knowledge of theirs they are being destroyed and through this power death consumes them.

69.12    And the name of the fifth is Kasdeyae; this one showed the sons of men all the evil blows of the spirits and of the demons, and the blows that attack the embryo in the womb so that it miscarries. And the blows that attack the soul: the bite of the serpent. And the blows that occur at midday, and the son of the serpent - who is strong.

69.13    And this is the task of Kesbeel, the chief of the oath, who showed the oath to the Holy ones when he dwelt on high in glory. And his name is Beqa.

69.14    And this one told the Holy Michael that he should show him the secret name so that they might mention it in the oath, so that those, who showed the sons of men everything that is secret, trembled before that name and oath.

69.15    And this is the power of this oath, for it is powerful and strong, and he placed this oath, Akae, in the charge of the Holy Michael.

69.16    And these are the secrets of this oath, and they are strong through this

oath, and Heaven was suspended, before the world was created, and forever.

69.17    And through it the earth was founded upon the water, and from the hidden recesses of the mountains come beautiful waters, from the creation of the world and for ever.

69.18    And through that oath the sea was created, and as its foundation, for the time of anger, he placed for it the sand, and it does not go beyond it, from the creation of the world and for ever.

69.19    And through that oath the deeps were made firm, and they stand and do not move from their place, from the creation of the world and for ever.

69.20    And through that oath the Sun and the Moon complete their course and do not transgress their command, from the creation of the world and for ever.

69.21    And through that oath the stars complete their course, and he calls their names, and they answer him, from the creation of the world and for ever.

69.22    And likewise the spirits of the water, of the winds, and of all the breezes, and their paths, according to all the groups of the spirits.

69.23    And there are kept the storehouses of the sound of thunder, and of the light of the lightning; and there are kept the storehouses of the hail, and the hoarfrost, and the storehouses of the mist, and the storehouses of the rain and dew.

69.24    And all these make their confession and give thanks in front of the Lord of Spirits and sing praises with all their power. And their food consists of all their thanksgiving and they give thanks, praise, and exalt, in the name of the Lord of Spirits, forever and ever.

69.25    And this oath is strong over them and through it they are kept safe and their courses are not disturbed.

69.26    And they had great joy and they blessed, praised, and exalted, because the name of that Son of Man had been revealed to them.

69.27    And he sat on the Throne of His Glory and the whole judgment was given to the Son of Man and he will cause the sinners to pass away and be destroyed from the face of the Earth.

69.28    And those who led astray the world will be bound in chains and will be shut up in the assembly-place of their destruction, and all their works will pass away from the face of the earth.

69.29    And from then on there will be nothing corruptible. For that Son of Man has appeared, and has sat on the Throne of His Glory, and everything evil will pass away and go from in front of Him; and the word of that Son of Man will be strong in front of the Lord of Spirits.

This is the Third Parable of Enoch.



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