Immune System and viruses

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The protective system against viruses and bacteria, is the immune system, be it a flu, or another virus, the immune system is what destroys the foreign body. When you get a vaccine, it is not the vaccine that destroys the virus, it is the immune system that acquires the specific knowledge of the virus.
So, when an individual has a good immune system, he can beat the viruses he can detect. Coronavirus, according to the data, has a mortality rate of 2 to 3 percent. In other words, in 100 people there is a probability of 2 to 3 people dying. For these 2 or 3 people, this is very bad.
But the odds are reduced when society takes care of health, and therefore strengthens the immune system. Elderly or children, are the most susceptible to death. This clearly demonstrates the importance of strengthening the immune system.
Be it with a non-sedentary lifestyle, correct food, sun at the right times, water for both cleaning and drinking. Thus, a great chance of defeating the coronavirus can be defined.
Washing hands, trying not to get infected, is important, but according to research, sooner or later contact may occur. The number of infected people is always increasing. But people instead of seeking a healthy living system to improve the potency of the immune system. They just look for masks, insulation, or anything else, other than improving their lifestyle.
In fact, at the end of all things, what will define the greatest chance of winning the virus is the health of the individual and therefore his immune system linked to health.



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