613 Jewish Commandments - Part 1

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11 Exodus 20: 2Believe in Yahweh as the only source of power in the universe.
22 Deuteronomy 6: 4Submit to Yahweh as the Supreme Chief, to be in union with Yahweh.
33 Deuteronomy 6: 5Love the Lord with all your heart, soul and power.
44 Deuteronomy 6: 12-13, 25Reverence Yahweh, keeping his laws.
55 Exodus 23:25Serve Yahweh.
66 Deuteronomy 10:20Hold on to Yahweh.
77 Deuteronomy 6:13Taking an oath by the name of Yahweh.
88 Deuteronomy 28: 9Walk in the ways of Yahweh.
99 Leviticus 22:32Sanctify the name of Yahweh.
1010 Deuteronomy 6: 7Read (study and meditate on) the Book of the Law.
1111 Deuteronomy 6: 7Teach the Book of the Law to our children.
1212 Deuteronomy 6: 8Tie the law in our hands.
1313 Deuteronomy 6: 8Bind (write) the law about our minds.
1414 Numbers 15: 38-40Do tzitzit in the high corners.
1515 Deuteronomy 6: 9Preach and publish the law of Yahweh.
1616 Deuteronomy 31: 10-13Meet to read the Law every seven years.
1717 Deuteronomy 17: 18-20A king must acquire and apply the Book of the Law.
1818 Deuteronomy 31:19Get the Book of the Law.
1919 Deuteronomy 8:10Be grateful to Yahweh in prayer, praise and action.
2020 Exodus 25: 8-9Build the Holy Shrine of Yahweh.
2121 Leviticus 19:30We are to revere the Lord in the Lord's sanctuary.
2222 Numbers 18: 2, 4Guard the sanctuary of Yahweh at all times.
2323 Numbers 18: 23,6-7The priests and the Levites will do their work in the sanctuary of the Lord.
2424 Exodus 30: 17-21Priests must wash their hands and feet.
2525 Exodus 27: 20-21The priests must light the chandelier of seven lamps.
2626 Numbers 6: 23-27Priests are to bless the people with the name of Yahweh.
2727 Exodus 25:30Priests must place bread and incense in front of the ark.
2828 Exodus 30: 7-8Priests must burn incense on the golden altar in the morning and in the afternoons.
2929 Leviticus 6: 12-13Priests must keep the fire burning at the altar continually.
3030 Leviticus 6: 10-11Priests must remove ash from the altar daily.
3131 Numbers 5: 2-3Priests must keep impure rituals outside the inner courtyard of the sanctuary
3232 Leviticus 21: 8Priests are to be considered sacred.
3333 Exodus 28: 2-43Priests must wear special priestly clothing.
3434 Numbers 18: 1, 5Priests must take responsibility for the sanctuary of Yahweh.
3535 Exodus 30: 23-33Priests must prepare the holy anointing oil according to its formula.
3636 Deuteronomy 18: 6-8Priests must perform their services at the sanctuary of Yahweh at the appointed time.
3737 Leviticus 21: 1-4Priests can become ritually dirty due to certain close relatives.
3838 Leviticus 21: 13-14The High Priest can only marry a virgin.
3939 Numbers 28: 2-6The continuous burn offer (Tamid sacrifice) must be offered twice a day.
4040 Numbers 28: 2-8The grain and beverage offer should be offered twice a day.
4141 Numbers 28: 9-10An additional sacrifice must be offered every Saturday.
4242 Numbers 28: 11-15An additional sacrifice must be offered at New Moon.
4343 Numbers 28: 18-24An additional sacrifice must be offered every day of the Festa dos Paes Azimos (Easter).
4444 Leviticus 23: 10-14Bring 1 Omer offering of the barley Also on day 1 of unleavened bread (Easter) and wave on the 2nd day.
4545 Numbers 28: 26-30An additional offer must be offered at the Feast of Weeks (Pentecost).
4646 Leviticus 23:17Two slices of bread baked with salt should be offered at the Feast of Weeks (Pentecost).
4747 Numbers 29: 16An additional sacrifice must be offered at the Feast of Trumpets.
4848 Numbers 29: 7-8An additional sacrifice must be offered on the Day of Atonement.
4949 Leviticus 16: 2-34The Atonement Service must be performed on the Day of Atonement.
5050 Numbers 29: 12-34An additional sacrifice must be offered every day of the Feast of Tabernacles.
5151 Numbers 29: 35-40An additional sacrifice must be offered on the Last Great Day.
5252 Exodus 23: 14-173 times a year to celebrate a feast to Yahweh: blue bread, Pentecost and tabernaculos.
5353 Deuteronomy 12: 5-7, 14The feasts of Yahweh should be kept only in the chosen place, in the sanctuary of Yahweh.
5454 Deuteronomy 16:14Every house must appear before the Lord and rejoice at the feasts.
5555 Numbers 28:16The paschal lamb must be killed on the fourteenth day of Abib between the two nights.
5656 Exodus 12: 8-11The Paschal Lamb is to be eaten on the night of Abib's fifteenth day.
5757 Numbers 9: 10-11Impurities from a dead body or a trip must kill the Easter Lamb on the Second Moon.
5858 Numbers 9: 11-12The Second Moon Passover must be performed in accordance with all its ordinances.
5959 Numbers 10: 2, 9-10The silver trumpets must be blown at festivals, new moons and tribulation, for calling.
6060 Leviticus 22:27All animals to be sacrificed must be at least eight days old.
6161 Leviticus 22:21All animals to be sacrificed must be without defect.
6262 Leviticus 2:13All offers must be salted.
6363 Leviticus 1: 2-17Holocaust law.
6464 Leviticus 6: 25-30The law of the sin offering.
6565 Leviticus 7: 1-2, 7The guilt offering law.
6666 Leviticus 3: 1-17The law of the peace offering.
6767 Leviticus 2: 1-16The grain supply law.
6868 Leviticus 4: 13-21If the congregation sins ignorantly, a sin offering must be brought.
6969 Leviticus 4: 27-35If you sin ignorantly, a sin offering must be brought when you learn of your sin.
7070 Leviticus 5: 15-19If in doubt, if you have sinned in relation to any of the sacred things, you must present a suspensive guilt offer.
7171 Leviticus 6: 1-7A sin offering must be brought for theft, false oath, and sins of a similar nature.
7272 Leviticus 5: 7-13The sin offering must be within our means.
7373 Numbers 5: 6-7Confess your sins to Yahweh, repent and be converted by observing Yahweh's Laws.
7474 Leviticus 15: 13-15A man who has an abnormal discharge (zab) must bring a sacrifice.
7575 Leviticus 15: 28-30A woman who has an abnormal discharge (zabah) must bring a sacrifice.
7676 Leviticus 12: 6-8A woman must bring a sacrifice after giving birth.
7777 Leviticus 14: 1-32A leper must bring a sacrifice after he has been cleaned.
7878 Leviticus 27: 30-33The first tithe is sacred and belongs to Yahweh.
7979 Exodus 13: 2The firstborn of clean animals are holy and belong to Yahweh.
8080 Exodus 34: 19-20The firstborn belong to Yahweh, but can be redeemed.
8181 Exodus 34:20A donkey's firstborn must be rescued.
8282 Exodus 13:13If a donkey's firstborn is not rescued, its neck must be broken.
8383 Deuteronomy 12: 5-6All tithes and offerings must be brought to the sanctuary of Yahweh.
8484 Deuteronomy 12: 13-14, 26The sanctuary of Yahweh is the only place to receive tithes, sacrifices and offerings.
8585 Deuteronomy 12:27The blood of sacrifices must be shed on the altar of Yahweh for our atonement.
8686 Deuteronomy 15: 19-22Sanctified animals that have become spotted must be redeemed.
8787 Leviticus 27:10, 33Any animal exchanged for an offering is also sacred.
8888 Exodus 29:33Priests must eat the meat of consecrated offerings.
8989 Leviticus 10: 12-13Priests must eat the rest of the grain offering.
9090 Leviticus 7:19The consecrated flesh of an offering that becomes ritually unclean must be burned.
9191 Leviticus 7:17The consecrated meat of an offering not consumed within its term must be burnt.
9292 Numbers 6: 5A Nazirite must let his hair grow out during the separation period.
9393 Numbers 6: 13-18A Nazirite must shave his head and bring the sacrifice when the period of separation is over.
9494 Deuteronomy 23: 21,23Vows and vows to Yahweh must be kept.
9595 Numbers 30: 2-16The law of binding and losing a vote.
9696 Leviticus 11Anyone who touches or eats the carcass of an impure animal becomes ritually impure.
9797 Leviticus 11: 29-31If you touch or eat the carcass of a clean dead or torn animal it becomes ritually impure.
9898 Leviticus 11: 31-38Whoever comes into contact with a ritually impure object becomes ritually impure.
9999 Leviticus 15: 19-24Menstruating women are ritually unclean.
100100 Leviticus 12: 2Postpartum women are ritually impure.
101101 Leviticus 13: 2-46Anyone with a disseminated and ritually impure skin disease.
102102 Leviticus 13: 47-59Any clothing contaminated by a widespread and ritually impure disease.
103103 Leviticus 14: 34-57A house contaminated by a widespread and ritually impure disease.
104104 Leviticus 15: 2-15A man with an abnormal discharge (zab) and ritually impure.
105105 Leviticus 15: 16-18Anyone or anything that comes in contact with semen becomes ritually impure.
106106 Leviticus 15:19, 25-28A woman with an abnormal discharge (zabah) and ritually impure.
107107 Numbers 19: 11-16A human corpse and anyone who approaches it is ritually impure.
108108 Numbers 19: 2-22Purification water purifies the ritually impure.
109109 Leviticus 15:27Those who are ritually impure should cleanse at the appointed time by washing their clothes and immersing themselves in water.
110110 Leviticus 14: 2-32Those who are ritually impure of skin disease must follow the specified purification procedure.
111111 Leviticus 14: 9Those impure of a spread skin disease must shave all their hair.
112112 Leviticus 13:45Impurities in a disseminated skin disease must be easily distinguishable.
113113 Numbers 19: 2-9The ashes of the red heifer must be used for ritual purification.
114114 Leviticus 27: 28, 25The priest must define the value of a person dedicated to Yahweh.
115115 Leviticus 27: 913, 27The priest must define the value of an animal dedicated to Yahweh.
116116 Leviticus 27: 14-15The priest must define the value of a house dedicated to Yahweh.
117117 Leviticus 27: 16-24The priest must define the value of a field dedicated to Yahweh.
118118 Leviticus 22: 14-16If you sin while ignoring Sacred Offerings, a full refund must be made, plus 1/5 of the amount.
119119 Leviticus 19: 23-25The fruit of the growth of the fourth year is sacred and must be given to the priest.
120120 Leviticus 19: 9The corners of a field that is harvested must be left for the poor.
121121 Leviticus 19: 9Collections from a field that is harvested must be left to the poor
122122 Deuteronomy 24:19The forgotten bundles of a harvested field must be left to the poor.
123123 Deuteronomy 24: 20-21Any remaining olives or grapes must be left for the poor.
124124 Leviticus 19:10Any fallen grapes must be left for the poor.
125125 Exodus 23:19The first fruits of all our work must be separated and brought to the sanctuary of Yahweh.
126126 Numbers 18: 8-14, 21All sacred offerings are to be given to the priests in the sanctuary of Yahweh.
127127 Numbers 18: 21-26The first tithe of all our food is to be given to the Levites for their work in the sanctuary of Yahweh.
128128 Deuteronomy 14: 23-26The second tithe must be reserved for the feast of Yahweh.
129129 Numbers 18: 24-32Priests and Levites must also tithe the work of Yahweh.
130130 Deuteronomy 14: 28-29The 3rd tithing should be reserved for the poor in the 3rd and 6th years of the 7-year cycle.
131131 Deuteronomy 26: 12-19Tithes and offerings must be presented to Yahweh with prayer.
132132 Deuteronomy 26: 2-4, 10Bring or send tithes and offerings before the Lord to the Lord's sanctuary.
133133 Numbers 15: 18-21The first portion of the grain offering is to be given to the priest in the Lord's sanctuary.
134134 Leviticus 25: 2-7, 20-22Every 7th year and Saturday of rest for the land and fields must rest and the soil not be cultivated.
135135 Leviticus 25: 2-7,20-22In the seventh year, everything that grows and to be eaten by everyone.
136136 Leviticus 25: 10-12You must consecrate and proclaim the year of jubilee.
137137 Leviticus 25: 9-10, 13On the Day of Atonement in the Jubilee year, the shofar must be blown and all Hebrew slaves freed.
138138 Leviticus 25: 23-28In the year of jubilee all land must be returned to its appointed owners.
139139 Leviticus 25: 29-30In a walled city, the seller has the right to buy a house back within a year of the sale.
140140 Leviticus 25: 8The years until the jubilee must be counted.
141141 Deuteronomy 15: 3The seventh year and the year of release.
142142 Deuteronomy 15: 3In the seventh year, a foreigner may be pressured to pay a debt.
143143 Deuteronomy 18: 3Priests must receive their share of all dean animals that are slaughtered.
144144 Deuteronomy 18: 4Priests must receive the first fleece of sheep shearing.
145145 Leviticus 27:28Anything devoted to the Lord becomes Most Holy and the property of the sanctuary of Yahweh and the priests.
146146 Deuteronomy 12:21Slaughter clean animals. (Don't eat what dies or is killed by wild beasts.
147147 Leviticus 17: 10-16The blood of slaughtered and clean animals must be spilled on the floor and covered with soil.
148148 Deuteronomy 22: 6-7Release the mother bird by taking the nest or chicks.
149149 Leviticus 11: 2-8Examine the meat of animals to make sure it is allowed for consumption.
150150 Deuteronomy 14: 11-19Examine the birds to make sure they are allowed for consumption.
151151 Leviticus 11: 20-23Examine the locusts to make sure they are allowed to be consumed.
152152 Leviticus 11: 9-12Examine the fish to make sure that they are allowed for consumption.
153153 Exodus 12: 2, Deuteronomy 16: 1The new moons must be observed to establish the festivals of Yahweh.
154154 Exodus 23:12, 16:23The 7th day of each week and the Sabbath of rest for Yahweh and a Sacred Convocation.
155155 Exodus 20: 8-11Keep the Sabbath day holy by preparing in advance.
156156 Exodus 12:15Remove all yeast from your entire property by the 15th day of Abibe.
157157 Exodus 13: 8On the fifteenth day of Abib, we are to teach our children the story of the Exodus from Egypt.
158158 Exodus 12:18We should eat unleavened bread from Abib's fifteenth to twenty-first.
159159 Exodus 12:16The 1st day of the azimos bread (Easter) and Saturday, holy convocation, cannot cook.
160160 Exodus 12:16The seventh day of the feast of the azimos breads (Easter) and a Saturday of rest and a holy convocation.
161161 Leviticus 23: 15-16Count 50 days - from after the 1st Saturday of the Feast of Heavenly Father until the Feast of Weeks.
162162 Leviticus 23:21The Feast of Weeks (Pentecost) and a Saturday of rest and a Sacred Convocation.
163163 Leviticus 23:24The Feast of Trumpets and a Saturday of rest and a Sacred Convocation.
164164 Leviticus 16: 29-31The Day of Atonement is a day of complete fasting.
165165 Leviticus 23: 27-32The Day of Atonement and a Sabbath of rest and a Sacred Convocation.
166166 (Leviticus 23: 34-35The 1st Day of the Feast of Tabernacles and Saturday of rest and Sacred Convocation.
167167 Leviticus 23:36The Last Great Day and a Saturday of rest and a Sacred Convocation.
168168 Leviticus 23:42To live in the stands (succahs-temporary housing) during the Feast of Tabernacles.
169169 Leviticus 23:40Succah must be built before the Feast of Tabernacles.
170170 Numbers 29: 1Sound the shofar at the trumpet party.
171171 Exodus 30: 12-16Every man 20 years or older must give half a shekel to the Lord's sanctuary annually.
172172 Deuteronomy 18: 15-19Hear and obey the anointed servant of Yahweh, overseer of the sanctuary of Yahweh.
173173 Deuteronomy 17:15The king that Yahweh chooses must be appointed.
174174 Deuteronomy 17: 8-13Hear and obey the priests (the body of the elders of the sanctuary of Yahweh).
175175 Exodus 23: 2When we witness in a process, we must speak the truth.
176176 Deuteronomy 16:18Elders and office holders must be chosen by Yahweh.
177177 Leviticus 19:15Elders in the Lord's sanctuary must judge the people impartially, according to the laws of Yahweh.
178178 Leviticus 5: 1Whoever is aware of the evidence in a case must speak and testify.
179179 Deuteronomy 13:14Witness testimony will be scrutinized by the elders.
180180 Deuteronomy 19:19False witnesses will be tried according to the law.
181181 Deuteronomy 21:19When a person is found dead and the murderer is unknown, the prescribed ritual must be performed.
182182 Numbers 35: 6-15Six cities of refuge in the land of Israel are to be established.
183183 Numbers 35: 2-5Priests and Levites must receive cities to live.
184184 Deuteronomy 22: 8Build a protective rail around a roof and remove potential dangers from the home.
185185 Deuteronomy 12: 2-4The practice of worship (the worship of false gods) must be destroyed.
186186 Deuteronomy 13: 12-18A city that turns into worship must be treated according to the law.
187187 Deuteronomy 20:17The nations that worship God (nations that worship false gods) will be destroyed.
188188 Deuteronomy 25:19We need to erase the memory of god worshipers.
189189 Deuteronomy 25: 1-18Remember what god worshipers did to Israel.
190190 Deuteronomy 20: 11-12Our conduct must be in accordance with Yahweh's law during periods of persecution.
191191 Deuteronomy 20: 2-4Priests must address the congregation in times of trouble.
192192 Deuteronomy 23: 9Yahweh's camp must be maintained in a sanitary condition.
193193 Deuteronomy 23: 12-14Equip the camp to keep it in sanitary condition, and each one must do their part.
194194 Leviticus 6: 2-5Stolen property must be returned to the owner.
195195 Deuteronomy 15: 8, 11The poor must be cared for according to the laws of Yahweh.
196196 Deuteronomy 15: 12-14, 18When a Hebrew slave is freed, the owner must give him gifts.
197197 Exodus 22:25Loans for brothers must be interest-free.
198198 Deuteronomy 23:21Loans abroad may be at interest.
199199 Deuteronomy 24: 12-13Restore a pledge for a loan to your owner, if he needs it.
200200 Deuteronomy 24:15Pay the hired worker his wages on time.
201201 Deuteronomy 23: 24-25Allow the poor to eat the production of the vine or the whole grain.
202202 Exodus 23: 5Help a stranger who has a fallen animal.
203203 Deuteronomy 22: 4Help your brother who has a fallen animal.
204204 Exodus 23: 4, Deuteronomy 22: 1Lost property must be restored to its owner.
205205 Leviticus 19:17Those who sin must be corrected.
206206 Leviticus 19:18Love your neighbor, be a brother or an enemy, like yourself.
207207 Deuteronomy 10:19Love the stranger and the new convert among you.
208208 Leviticus 19:36Use only honest weights and measures.
209209 Leviticus 19:32Show honor and respect for Yahweh's appointed teachers.
210210 Exodus 20:12Show your parents honor and respect.
211211 Leviticus 19: 2Become Holy as the Lord and Holy.
212212 Genesis 1:28Fruit and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it
213213 Deuteronomy 24: 1Marriage must be in accordance with the laws of Yahweh.
214214 Deuteronomy 24: 5A groom must rejoice with his bride.
215215 Genesis 17: 10-12, 14All males must be circumcised, males born on the eighth day.
216216 Deuteronomy 25: 5-6If a man dies without children, his brother must marry the widow.
217217 Deuteronomy 25: 7-10He can release his brother's widow.
218218 Deuteronomy 22:29If you violate a virgin you must pay the bride's price, get married if the father allows, and never get divorced.
219219 Deuteronomy 22: 13-15Elders must judge in a case of premarital promiscuity.
220220 Exodus 22: 16-17A woman's father may refuse to hand over his daughter to a man, even if he pays the bride's price.
221221 Deuteronomy 21: 11-14The captive female must be treated according to the regulations regarding repentance and conversion.
222222 Deuteronomy 24: 1-4The divorce can only be because of premarital fornication by the bride.
223223 Numbers 5: 12-15A woman suspected of adultery must undergo the required test.
224224 Deuteronomy 25: 2-3When required by law, judges must administer appropriate punishment.
225225 Numbers 35: 22-29The law on unintentional homicide.
226226 Deuteronomy 19: 11-13The murder law.
227227 Numbers 15: 15-16There is a law for everyone - for the Israelite and for the foreigner in Israel.
228228 Leviticus 5:17, Numbers 15:30One who sins (breaks any of Yahweh's laws) intentionally or unintentionally is guilty.
229229 Numbers 15: 30-31The penalty for sin, which is the breaking (transgression) of Yahweh's laws, and death.
230230 Leviticus 16:16, 32-34Atonement for the High Priest and for those who repent of sin and obey the Laws of Yahweh.
231231 Deuteronomy 21:23The body of whoever is executed must be buried on the same day.
232232 Exodus 21: 2-6Hebrew slaves must be treated according to the special Laws for them.
233233 Exodus 21: 8-9The owner or his son can marry his Hebrew servant.
234234 Exodus 21: 8If the owner or his son does not marry his Hebrew servant, he must allow his father to rescue him.
235235 Leviticus 25: 44-46The regulation of foreign slaves.
236236 Exodus 21: 18-25The judgment must be made in the case of injury caused by a person.
237237 Exodus 21: 28-32The judgment must be made in the case of damage caused by an animal.
238238 Exodus 21: 33-36The judgment must be made in the case of injury to an animal.
239239 Exodus 22: 1-4A thief must make full refund or be sold for his theft.
240240 Exodus 22: 5The judgment must be made in cases of material damage caused by animals.
241241 Exodus 22: 6Judgment must be made in case of fire damage.
242242 Exodus 22: 7-8Judgment must be made in cases involving items kept for safekeeping.
243243 Exodus 22: 10-13Judgment must be made in cases involving animals kept for guard.
244244 Exodus 22: 14-15The judgment must be processed in cases of complaints against a borrower.
245245 Leviticus 25: 14-17The judgment must be processed in disputes arising from sales.
246246 Exodus 22: 9The judgment must be made in disputes over property ownership.
247247 Deuteronomy 25: 11-12, Exodus 21: 18-25Monetary restitution must be paid in cases involving bodily harm.
248248 Numbers 27: 811, Deuteronomy 21: 15-17Judgment must be made in disputes arising from inheritance.
249 1Exodus 20: 3Trust no power but Yahweh.
250 2Exodus 20: 4Do not make images of the gods (false gods) to be worshiped
251 3Leviticus 19: 4Do not assume the character of the gods (the false gods).
252 4Exodus 20:23Do not make gods (false gods) of anything.
253 5Exodus 20: 5Do not bow to any false god.
254 6Deuteronomy 4: 15-19Do not worship, serve, obey or follow the ways (laws) of false gods.
255 7Leviticus 18:21Do not sacrifice children to any false god.
256 8Leviticus 19:31Don't look for mediums.
257 9Leviticus 19:31Don't look for familiar spirits.
258 10Deuteronomy 12:30Do not seek to learn the ways of the false gods to follow them.
259 11Deuteronomy 16: 21-22Do not use a sacred pillar or column for worship, do not establish the Feasts.
260 12Leviticus 26: 1Do not make false carved stone gods.
261 13Deuteronomy 16:21Don't worship Asherah, the Queen of Heaven.
262 14Exodus 23:13Do not promise or worship in the name of a false god.
263 15Deuteronomy 13: 12-14Do not teach or entice any community to worship false gods.
264 16Deuteronomy 13: 6-8Do not teach or incite anyone to worship false gods.
265 17Deuteronomy 13: 8Not listening to those who teach or practice worship (the worship of false gods).
266 18Deuteronomy 13: 8Do not give in to anyone who teaches or practices worship (the worship of false gods).
267 19Deuteronomy 13: 8Do not have pity on anyone who teaches worship (the worship of false gods).
268 20Deuteronomy 13: 8Do not spare anyone who teaches worship (the worship of false gods).
269 21Deuteronomy 13: 8Do not hide the fact when someone tries to teach worship.
270 22Deuteronomy 7:25Do not covet the wealth of false gods.
271 23Deuteronomy 13:16Do not reconstruct what was dedicated to worship (the worship of false gods).
272 24Deuteronomy 13:17Do not make use of the property used for worship (the worship of false gods).
273 25Deuteronomy 7:26Do not bring worship (the worship of false gods) to the sanctuary of Yahweh.
274 26Deuteronomy 18:20Do not teach in the name of any false god.
275 27Deuteronomy 18:20Do not teach or prophesy falsely in the name of Yahweh.
276 28Deuteronomy 13: 3-4Do not listen to anyone who teaches in the name of any false god.
277 29Deuteronomy 18:22Do not revere someone who teaches in the name of any false god.
278 30Leviticus 20:23Do not imitate the ways of the worshipers of God or practice their customs.
279 31Leviticus 19:26Do not practice predicting the future by consulting false gods.
280 32Leviticus 19:26Do not practice astrology.
281 33Deuteronomy 18: 10-11Do not practice predicting the future by interpreting omens.
282 34Deuteronomy 18: 10-11Do not practice witchcraft.
283 35Deuteronomy 18: 10-11Do not practice magic.
284 36Deuteronomy 18: 10-11Do not practice witchcraft.
285 37Deuteronomy 18: 10-11Do not consult demonic spirits (false gods).
286 38Deuteronomy 18: 10-11Do not try to contact the dead; they don't know anything.
287 39Deuteronomy 22: 5Women should not wear a man's sacred garments.
288 40Deuteronomy 22: 5Men should not wear a woman's sacred garments.
289 41Leviticus 19:28Don't get a tattoo.
290 42Deuteronomy 22:11Do not wear sacred clothing made of wool and linen.
291 43Leviticus 19:27Do not shave the sides of your head in honor of the dead.
292 44Leviticus 19:27Do not shave the sides of the beard in honor of the dead.
293 45Leviticus 19:28Do not cut their bodies in honor of the dead.
294 46Deuteronomy 17:16Do not return to the ways of worship (the worship of false gods) and sin.
295 47Numbers 15:39Do not follow teachings other than the law of Yahweh taught by the sanctuary of Yahweh.
296 48Exodus 34:15Do not make allies with nations that worship God (nations that worship false gods).
297 49Deuteronomy 20: 16-18Do not spare any of the worshiping nations (nations that worship false gods).
298 50Deuteronomy 7: 2Do not show mercy to god-worshiping nations.
299 51Exodus 23: 32-33Do not allow devotees who refuse to repent to remain in the sanctuary of Yahweh.
300 52Deuteronomy 7: 3Do not make marriages with worshipers of God (worshipers of false gods).
301 53Deuteronomy 23: 3-4Do not allow a worshiper of god to join the sanctuary of Yahweh unless he repents.
302 54Deuteronomy 23: 7He does not abhor an repentant Edomite.
303 55Deuteronomy 23: 7You did not hate an Egyptian who repents.
304 56Deuteronomy 23: 6Do not fellowship with a worshiping god who refuses to repent.
305 57Deuteronomy 20:19Do not destroy fruit trees.
306 58Deuteronomy 7:21Do not fear the Lord's adversaries.
307 59Deuteronomy 25:19Do not forget the evil done by the Lord's opponents.
308 60Leviticus 24:16Do not blaspheme the Holy Name of Yahweh by practicing sin.
309 61Leviticus 19:12Do not take an oath or oath taken in the name of Yahweh.
310 62Exodus 20: 7Do not take the name of Yahweh and bring it to nothing, hiding the name of Yahweh.
311 63Leviticus 22:32Do not desecrate the name of Yahweh.
312 64Deuteronomy 6:16Do not judge Yahweh by doubting or rebelling.
313 65Deuteronomy 12: 4Do not worship Yahweh in the ways of worship (the worship of false gods).
314 66Deuteronomy 21: 22-23Do not allow the body of a hanged man to remain that way overnight.
315 67Numbers 18: 4-5Do not neglect the duty to guard the sanctuary of Yahweh.
316 68Leviticus 16: 2The High Priest must not enter the Holy of Holies without the proper sacrifice.
317 69Leviticus 21: 21-23A priest with a defect or defect must not enter the Holy of Holies.
318 70Leviticus 21:17A defective or defective priest must not approach to offer Yahweh's food.
319 71Leviticus 21:18A priest with a temporary stain should not participate in the service until healing.
320 72Numbers 18: 2-3Priests must not exchange their duties with their assistants, the Levites.
321 73Leviticus 10: 9-11Priests should not drink wine or strong drink in the inner courtyard of the Lord's sanctuary.
322 74Numbers 18: 4, 22No one besides the priests can approach to minister to Yahweh.
323 75Leviticus 22: 2-9Priests are not to serve in the inner court while they are ritually unclean.
324 76Leviticus 22: 6-7Priests are not to eat sacred offerings while they are ritually unclean.
325 77Numbers 5: 3Do not enter the inner courtyard of the sanctuary of Yahweh while you are ritually unclean.
326 78Numbers 19:20; Leviticus 17:16Do not stop purifying ritually after becoming ritually impure.
327 79Exodus 20:25Do not build a cut stone altar.
328 80Exodus 20:26Priests must not ascend the altar by steps.
329 81Leviticus 6:13Priests must not allow the fire on the altar to be extinguished.
330 82Exodus 30: 9Priests must not burn any unauthorized incense on the golden altar.
331 83Exodus 30: 31-33Do not make oil according to the holy anointing oil for personal use.
332 84Exodus 30:32The holy anointing oil should not be misused.
333 85Exodus 30:37Do not make incense according to the sacred incense formula for personal use.
334 86Exodus 25:15Do not remove the poles from the Ark of the Covenant.
335 87Exodus 28:28Do not remove the breastplate from the ephod.
336 88Exodus 28:32Do not improperly make sacred garments so that they will tear.
337 89Deuteronomy 12: 13-14Do not offer sacrifices or tithes and offerings except to the sanctuary of Yahweh.
338 90Leviticus 17: 37Do not offer consecrated animals other than the sanctuary of Yahweh.
339 91Leviticus 22:20, 22, 24Do not sanctify a dishonored animal as an offering to Yahweh.
340 92Leviticus 22:22Do not slaughter a dishonored animal as an offering to the Lord.
341 93Leviticus 22: 19-24Do not sprinkle the blood of a dishonored animal on the Lord's altar.
342 94Leviticus 22:22Do not burn the sacrificial portions of a defective animal.
343 95Deuteronomy 17: 1Do not offer an animal with even a temporary defect.
344 96Leviticus 22:25Do not accept a dishonorable offer from a Gentile.
345 97Leviticus 22:21Do not inflict a defect on an animal consecrated as an offering.
346 98Leviticus 2:11Do not offer yeast or honey on the altar.
347 99Leviticus 2:13Do not offer sacrifice without salt.
348 100Deuteronomy 23:18Do not bring the financial gain of worship to the sanctuary of Yahweh.
349 101Leviticus 22:28Do not kill an animal and its young on the same day.


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