Brotherly love in hard times

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 And this commandment have we from him, That he who loveth God love his brother also. 1Jn 4:21


Beloved Brother, get the urge to write this letter to you, I know that if I speak could not express myself as through this letter.

Brother, I know that life often "beats" at us in a very hard and painful way, leaving us sad, often discouraged and and even being despised and still no hope of a better future ... and the worst thing is feel the helplessness that things are no longer being governed by us, it seems that we ran out of the ground without a safe haven without something to hold.

These sufferings often lead us to thinking: why this happens? Because I have to go through this suffering? Because I have been so despised and humiliated?

Often people may even think that it is our own fault that we are going through ... some situations it may be, but not all of them are guilty ... who blames Job had to pass this difficult situation ...? God-fearing man who shunned evil ... His friends even thought he had hidden sin .... but little did these friends was more high and lifted up the reason for the suffering and misery of Job.

The Earth is a sitting room and a stage for the universe, we are the characters ... our actions and decisions, our faith is being watched, analyzed and judged whether it is good or not, before all the holy beings universe and will just go to heaven, not by our works but by faith and defense of the truth that God granted us and trust in Him who sees everything. The faithful are actually being tested and tried. The gold must go through fire for the slag, this is all dirt that are the filth of our hearts, are separated and taken out of our character. Everyone who is faithful as well as being host to the Universe is also purified to be carried by the angels to Jesus in the clouds of heaven for eternity. Remember we are being proven to be worthy to take the place of the released angels to Earth.

Job was tried and remained faithful to the end, as much as he questioned God about your suffering ... always waited patiently for the Lord and know who it creates as much as time passed, he remained God-fearing.

As well as Job for worst situations we pass must believe firmly in the Lord that He not forsaken us, but we are being proven at every moment for God is showing to the universe those who are truly God-fearing and who keep faith in God true and that as a child does not fear you can do with it as it has a father who protects, and sustains the tab, so it has to be our confidence in the loving Father.

Brother, I know and understand what often goes by his thoughts and his heart, for we adverse situations in which know the feeling that flows at this time.

Jesus also came to this earth, and save, come to learn the feelings that the sufferings of the people generate, so it does not condemn the unjust way, but He understood that not by might, nor by power should embed the truth in the minds of people, but he would feel pity for them because going through the same situations he came to know the suffering and feeling of them, so his gaze rose to condemnation for mercy to the poor of this earth.

Brother, do not be afraid, God is with you! He hears your silence and pain of your heart ...

But know that the thought of God to you is thinking of peace and not of evil, to an expected end.

Brother, know that today, it is not you control over your life, but the Lord is the one who is at the helm of its history.

A Bible verse that always warms me is: "Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land and you will certainly be fed." Yet another that says, Wait on the Lord He will strengthen your heart, waiting for the Lord.

We know that we need to reach out and give Testimony of Patience dos Santos, even if we criticize, but this is with patience and trust in the Lord and having the love burning in our hearts, we will see the benefits of the Lord in our lives.

My brother, by the grace of God I want to see His victory and my heart will rejoice with great joy.

You seek God every day, even when the forces fades, but raise his thoughts to God and talk to Him saying all anxiety from your heart and He will sustain you!
Remember that song you like to sing in worship at home there in childhood: (as I wrote I asked for my husband let play this song on the computer gave me miss our childhood time and in tears I will finish this letter).

You know, I remember that I even sickened me of it because every Friday, when we did the cult for sunsets, you wanted to sing this song, but after God made me understand that it was something you felt in the heart and that through this hymn his heart was comforted, there did not complain more and sing more like to sing, but I will finish this letter with that song, sing it and meditate on the letter:

There is a friend who knows the woes that the soul are gone,
And at the right time makes for a sweet song.
There is a friend who knows your sorrows and pain;
He wants to show you His ineffable love.

There is a friend who knows that evil always walk around;
Also feel their pain; Falls stands you co'amor.
When you are weak and haggard, far away to wander,
There is a friend who awaits the prodigal son back.

There is a friend who loves you, be strong, if you're weak.
One never abandons His son into the hands of rapacious enemy.
His view, distant, never you're my brother.
What is His name, questions? - Jesus, who gives us salvation!

I love you, my brother, and know that even if you do not see the Light on the horizon
Know that Jesus is our Light for greater darkness will walk
And that in your silence you can listen only to a sweet voice
The voice that will tell the way that you should go ... Wait for the Lord.
In one who created you waiting for Him emanates life, light, and love ...
You my brother no longer has a few years of life, but have life for eternity!
God bless every day your home!
His sister twice blood and the blood of Christ!
1Jn 4:21 And this commandment have we from him, That he who loveth God love his brother also.



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