Why were you chosen to exist?

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In the beginning God created heaven and earth. Genesis 1: 1
Have you ever wondered why you were chosen to exist?
There was a girl who had a very loving grandmother but her grandmother was a very poor but fighting, docile, sensitive and very understanding woman. Her granddaughter made no effort to be with her. When school students decided to skip class and walk around the mall, do you know where their granddaughter was going? That's right ... to your grandma's house. She walked miles and miles on foot to get to her grandmother's work to be in his company, which was so pleasant to her.
The granddaughter had her as her best friend ... The grandmother had such a great affection for her granddaughter, that she called her "little daughter", just as John, the beloved disciple, referred to the children of God with great affection. So her grandmother's voice sounded like the voice of an angel calling her 'little girl'

Although her grandmother was a very simple woman, she was semi-illiterate, but had a dream of knowing how to read and write, yet she was taking a course called Mobral in a church, the older ones remember this ... and when she was going to the course, who was with her, her granddaughter.
While the grandmother had reading and writing reinforcement, the granddaughter watched and assimilated the teaching, and helped her grandmother in the lessons, of course the grandmother could read much more.
And when they get off the bus do you know what they used to do?
They went all the way reading the store signs, so the grandmother taught her granddaughter how to read, even though her granddaughter was under six years old, already interested in reading and with her grandmother's help, she learned to read early!

Grandma also helped her read the bible, the first part of the Bible that grandma taught her granddaughter were the Ten Commandments. Every day they read those words and together they meditated, and their grandmother explained what she understood from the Scriptures kept the law in mind and heart. Over the years, as an adult, her granddaughter still had those words embedded in her memory.

It was in a very special way that grandmother and granddaughter lived. This granddaughter had love for her grandmother, because her grandmother treated her very carefully and very affectionately ... Although life was not very easy for this grandmother, because she was married and her husband sometimes and sometimes spent his salary with women. , and the needs were outdated at home. She also had an adult daughter who from one year of age suffered from breathing problems and many nights spent clear in the hospital, helping her daughter ... and also the grandmother had a blood brother, because he had been married and the woman had he was betrayed and he was disillusioned with marriage ... so he was welcomed by his sister because she felt compassion for him and saw him as an unhappy man, but the tricky thing was that her brother and husband did not match.
But the granddaughter being a little girl observed all this, and knew that the grandmother endured all the tribulations and yet treated her with love. But the granddaughter knew that the strength of the grandmother came from God, because at dawn grandmother, took the Bible and about a a clean dishcloth on the kitchen table opened the Bible, a very large bible, and sought strength from the Lord.

Even the grandmother in the midst of so much trouble and tribulation, how often her granddaughter woke up at dawn and saw her grandmother reading the Bible, still found time to talk to God ... it seemed that an atmosphere of light enveloped this grandmother and she told her granddaughter : Little daughter, man can forsake God, but never forget: God NEVER forsakes man!

Often at dusk her grandmother would often sit with her granddaughter on the gate step to watch the movement of the street and talk about life. The granddaughter contemplated and marveled because she knew that her grandmother, despite having many worries and occupations, still sat with her to give her attention because she loved her so much, knew that a child becoming a teenager needed a lot of guidance to prevent problems.

Time passed, the girl grew up and got married, but her grandmother still lived in the heart of this granddaughter. Then the granddaughter made a wish to God that she might repay, a little of that love she had received from her grandmother, yet she could do it before her grandmother rested in the Lord.

The grandmother was now called grandma because she was already in her early seventies and moved to live with her children, sometimes in one house, sometimes in another, but the grandmother began to behave differently and forgot of her everyday things, she was then taken to her doctor and found that she had Alzheimer's disease.

The question was, who would take care of Grandma now? For she needed greater care as well as extra care because she had suffered an accident from a fall, broken her femur, and had surgery ... She aspired to extra care because she was bedridden.

She spent some time with her children, but each one had their own problems and jobs, and they couldn't provide proper attention to Grandma, as she deserved. So they looked for a nursing home, to stay in there, but when her granddaughter learned, anguished her heart, desperate told how to leave her grandmother in the asylum ... she will die soon! The grandmother was very attached to the family, she would feel very lonely! And the granddaughter did not even want to imagine this suffering of her grandmother!
So, granddaughter was asked, would you take care of grandma? The granddaughter promptly, to solve the problem, wanted to accept the request, but before giving the answer, needed to talk to her husband.

At first he was reluctant because he knew the consequences would come, but his granddaughter explained that she could not let her grandmother live in a strange place with strange people, because she would soon die in solitude. The husband then understood his wife and accepted the request and the grandmother went to live in their house and there she improved her health and walked again ... they walked day by day in the streets of their neighborhood and they walked together, talked With the neighbors, they sat on the sidewalk, watched the street children play, petted the puppy, and smiled at everyone who greeted him. They were days of struggle, but of peace and happy days with Grandma and so passed the years.

Almost four years had passed on a Sunday, her grandmother began to feel weak, a little weak, her legs no longer had the strength to stand and she was no longer sitting, she had to put pillows to keep her from falling sideways, days were getting tough and the granddaughter was feeling that something not very good was about to happen ... the grandmother was no longer walking and was very bedridden ... possibly the organs were already starting to fail, she was also eighty-two years old old, it was not for less.

She began to warn her children about the suffering Grandma was going through. Thus, sadness and helplessness took over her granddaughter's heart, and one Sunday the grandmother began to have a laboring breath, and nothing that her granddaughter did provided relief and so spent the day. But at nightfall, the granddaughter changed her grandmother to sleep, but turned on the inhaler and none of her grandmother's panting pass. Then the granddaughter was very sad because she didn't know what else to do ... she lay on the bed, covered her face and started crying and asked God, what should I do?

The idea came quickly to call her grandmother's uncle to take her to the hospital. And so it was ... in the car, the grandmother held tightly to her granddaughter's hand. Now the granddaughter talked to her grandmother and now to her uncle.
Arriving at the hospital, sitting in a wheelchair, being taken by her granddaughter, she was treated at the screening, her diabetes was very high ... was going to be medicated, meanwhile the granddaughter gave her grandmother's face affection to calm her when The nurse tried to see the vital signs, she couldn't find them anymore, the grandmother's skin was already changing color, so the nurse asked her granddaughter to withdraw and helped the grandmother and intubate her, but after a while, granddaughter and uncle waiting for an answer at the reception ... when the doctor walks through the reception door and with a sad, downcast face said: sorry, but it was not possible to revive her.

Tears began to flow down her granddaughter's face, nothing more could be done but to accept the circumstances. But in the midst of the pain of her loss, her granddaughter knew that God had answered her request, that she might repay a little of the love her grandmother had given her. And she was thankful to God for giving such a wonderful grandmother who taught her love and God's Word. The grandmother really made a difference in the life of this granddaughter, who still keeps, with longing, in her heart and memory, the memories of the moments spent together and the smile that her grandmother was on her face.

What a privilege of life, to be able to exist and to be so simple and to leave such a big milestone in people's history.
So Jesus did for us, for love gave his life, to save us, made a difference in the world and the universe to show his great love for the human being.

Therefore, beloved friend, let Jesus fill your heart with love and that even you find yourself simple, humble and incapacitated. God can make you a great instrument in His hands, it is only you acting with love and you will make a difference in the world, just like the story of my grandmother, such a simple woman is being posted on the internet today to serve as a Witness to many. Even though she rests in the Lord, her works still speak, as do the works of the disciples, the prophets, and the servants of God at all times.

Make your life a living testimony of God's love, this is the privilege of life ... this is why this earth was created to witness God's love and this is why many are chosen to witness, so this is the great motive of our existence: "ye are the chosen generation, the royal priesthood, the holy nation, the acquired people, that ye may declare the greatness of him that hath called you out of darkness into his wonderful light." 1 Peter 2: 9.
It is enough now that you and I fulfill the mission that the Lord our God has commissioned us.
May love be with you!



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