What does the Bible say about beings taking the midday sun or strong sun?

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Science says that the midday sun is bad. But what does the bible say?
We can read the following verse in the Bible:
James 1:11 - For the sun is burning, and the grass is dry, and its flower falls, and the beautiful appearance of its appearance perishes; thus the rich will also wither in his ways.
Tiago mentions an effect of the sun, and that the strong sun dries the grass, the flower falls and the appearance of its aspect perishes. People who take the strong sun during their lives look like the illustration at the bottom of the page.
What is favorable to the text of Tiago because it quotes: "appearance of its aspect perishes", defining that such thing happened because of "strong sun".
In fact, we can see another verse that says:
Mat 13: 6 But when the sun came, it burned and withered, because it had no root.
What is being said about the sun, which came strong burned the plant because it did not have a deep enough root to remove water from the earth. See that the sun has the effect of drying the plant, but we can end with the strong sun by reading an interesting fact about a prophet named, Jonah.
Jon 4: 8 And it came to pass, when the sun came up, that God sent a calm, eastern wind, and the sun struck Jonah\'s head and he passed out, and wished with all his soul to die, saying, It is better for me to die than to live. .
In the verse in question we have the strong sun, and that strong sun caused him to hurt Jonas\' head and thus he passed out. If the strong sun was a good thing, Jonas wouldn’t even hurt himself, let alone pass out. See that it hurt Jonah even with a calm wind, that is, the strong sunlight hurt him, and it was not the heat because God sent a calm eastern wind.
According to the Bible verses, the strong sun damages beauty, and is still capable of hurting someone to the point of fainting. And this is a great danger, because having no other person to help, that person may even die. In the case of Jonah, God sent a calm wind, but what if there was no wind?
Thus, God shows that research that proves that the strong sun, usually found in the period of half a day, is harmful, can cause heat stroke, and accelerates the aging of the skin. Thus, God warns us and warns us, that the sun is good, at times when it is not strong enough to dry the grass, the flower falls and the aspect perishes.



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